Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Day

There comes a day in every year meant specifically for the stange and practicle use of jokes. April Fools Day, a wonderous beauty of those who have comic talent and pure brains to whip out such amazing feats.

For April Fools Day, today wasnt a bad day. Most of the time EXPECIALLY in highschool there are tons of teacher/student pranks going on all the time. But this time it wasnt bad. So me and my friends decide we wanted to do something.

Shortly after school we decided to go what is known as the "Invisible Rope Prank." It basically is a game of tug of war across the street and your goal is to let the car comming think your playing a game and stop the car. The more times this happens, the funnier it is. Heres our inspiration for this trick and a little demonstration on how it works. EnjoY!

Did you do any pranks on April Fools Day?

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Brittany said...

somebody in my school faked a seizure