Monday, April 7, 2008

The Power of Voice

As i sit down last night on my couch and flip on the news, I start watching a nice segament on how the pople of Estonia, dictated, abused, and sometimes killed. All banded togethor and held strong through the power of voice. For them, they sang. They sang when they knew it was safe and they used it as a inspirational tool to stay alive.

The power, of voice, of opinion, and of speech is truly amazing. What starts as a simple no from one person can turn into a rally in front of the capitol building. What starts as a no to a drug dealer can turn into clean and healthy lungs, body, and mind for the rest of your life.

The power of voice is an amazing tool. If used in the right way it can be almost unstopable. As a highschooler, drugs , expecially smoking, is a fairly common thing. A simple "No thanks" from me to a person offering me a cigarette will lead me to not only living up to my dreams. But living. Period. Smoking can cause heart desiese and cancers and lead to a VERY early death.

Even when congress aproves a bill, a no from ONE person can echo throughout the hearts of many other people there and lead to a bill not passing that could have been harmful to our society.

A no, can cause death in some countries. But NEVER in vain. It gets people to open up their heads and think for themselves what is truly right. That is what caused the great nations to be born. Simple no's and the courage with the power of voice to act and to accomplish.

Let your voice be heard!

Whens a time when your voice was heard?


Arjun said...

Its kinda late to talk to anyone now. but if anyone does bring props then its k cuz we can just practice with em tmro.

Hope josh gets better.

Trish said...

Thanks so much. Good luck tomorrow.