Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good ol Days

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed definitely brought me back to the good old days. When everything was calm and quiet and everyone just lived happily.

The good days were the days when gas prices were not insane, seriously, $4 a gallon in some places?! Jeez, and im going have to pay for my own gas soon when i can drive.

Now we're all worried about Eco-consumption and trying to save our fossil fuels. My biology teacher said that to be a "success full species" you must survive for at least 50k years, and according to him, the rate at which we are using our natural resources, we're not going to be successful.

Then there's the whole dollar thing, before when i used to go to India the dollar was worth around 50 rupees, but now its almost worth 20. Whats up with that? Everyone is worrying about the economy and the way stuff works now that's everything has just fallen out of place.

Everything is more talked about now thanks to the media, before your only resources was your neighbor or the neighborhood gossip queen. *Sigh* the good old days are gone. But we've gotta learn to live with the present. And just think, sooner or later, our sons or daughter's sons or daughters are going to be talking about OUR time as the "good ol days."

What do you miss about the good times?

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Sandi said...

I miss not having to pump my own gas (I understand that in the state of Oregon it is a law that you "can't" pump your own gas); I miss not having to worry about world affairs (I guess my parents worrying about the Cold War isn't any different than what we worry about today)BUT who has time to worry?

Arjun said...

yeahhh! Sitting down and spending time with family now is like impossible.

againstthegrain said...

tell me about it. the gas part. here in canada, its like 117 a litre...heck thats crazy. it keeps going up. i mean, there really should be some sort of cut off. These oil tycoons are having a greaattt time laughing at us i bet.

Arjun said...

Wow definitely. I read an article once where they were talking about 5c gas back in the day!