Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Mindfull Impression

Does beauty really make a difference among people? Is a nice body or face something that everyone is looking for. Beauty can be implied in many different types of perspetives, for one person beauty can mean one thing and for another person something else.

Beauty is the most stressed upon "characteristic" a human wants to posses. Wheather he or she wants a muscular build, or a nice butt, or sexy and clear skin, everyone has their own desires.
But consider this, in the medival ages, those who were over-weight were considered attractive becuase it meant that his or her family had a lot of money inorder to provide for them the food needed to reach such an appearance.

In todays society, almost everyone wants to be thin and some take it too far and desieses and complications such as aneorexia and bolemia show up in our society. Who says being over-weight is a bad thing? Even if you are completly overweight, that can be quite attractive to some, and repulsive to others.

"Your just not my type, im into big guys," said Chuck in a pretty well known movie, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry." Again showing that beauty is not a concept of if your skinny or of you have nice curves and big muscles.

Beauty is a impression of the mind, and of the body.

As is commonly said, one mans trash is another mans treasure.


Rose DesRochers said...

In today’s society plus size and full figured women are constantly classified as unattractive. Sad it is! I enjoyed your post on this.

nyomot said...

I found your blog through bloggertalk.Interesting blog,keep on posting..just some friendly advice,hope you don't mind.Do check your spelling before you publish your post(i.e - do proofreading)

Asian said...

hey i love the fact that you say what you want, such as sharing all of these stories. i may propose a spell check before you post, but you can always go in and edit that if you would like.

anyway, i just started a new blog to so check it out if you can.

Max said...

Hey you!

Welcome to blogger!
My name is Max :)!

As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! And how true it is...

Wishing you all the luck in the world, I leave you...




Well I'm not big but not thin and everyone my own age thinks I'm a "wrong size". I'm comfortable though and look after myself. I think it doesn't atter how large you are, it's that old cliche of what's on the inside.
Love the blog


Arjun said...

Wow, hey to evryone here. Thanks for the comments:D I was suprised i got this many.

I guess im going to keep on positing stuff like this and for spell check, yeah ill do that.