Friday, April 25, 2008

Its a Bird, No a Plane, No, its Superman!

Well we've definitely all heard the phrase "Its a bird, no a plane, no, its superman!" at least once in your life if you live in America. From being a kid, to growing older, cartoons and comics and hero's like superman are just how we were all raised.

But that phrase, in all of its glory and advertising, teaches us that we cant ever overlook things. Looking at things one way and then thinking of them in another, is just plain wrong.

This is brought to my attention due to the crisis of MANY teen girls and sometimes even guys developing eating disorders so they can maintain the "Sexy Look." Many of us look in the mirror each and every morning and we see things we don't want or we want better. From bigger muscles to a toner body, we all want something to be better.

As we put ourselves down for not being the perfect fit, we don't realize that WE are looking in the mirror and when OTHER people look at us, what they see is quite different.

As humans we control our emotions and attitudes toward ourselves and sometimes we put ourselves down even though other people will almost NEVER see your tiny little "imperfection."

Then there are the models, all girls are "OMG! Look at her, shes soooo totally skinny!" and "Totally jealous of her look omg!" but as my class knows after seeing a video, what we see is almost NEVER real.

From a boob job, color up, or a "make taller and skinny" job, 99.99% of models appear in magazines only after undergoing "paper cosmetics" or a changing of themselves on paper.

What we see is only there to get our attention, but in actuality, the truth is different.

People say sight is always deceiving,but have you ever looked twice?

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How true! I think we all suffer from this in one way or another. Great post.

undercover said...

Yes! I found a writer, a good one in-fact!

Tairebabs said...

Yes I agree that we all suffer from this but I think what is important is knowing where to draw the line. We should always be confident in ourselves and believe that what we have is always worth it. Hey but that just me!