Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Crazy Perfection

In our tiny little world that's getting smaller and smaller every year. There is a group of people who must, at all costs, strive for perfection.

Some of us strive for money, others strive to be great. Then there's the handful that strive to be perfect. Whether or not they will achieve it, they must still try.

As I sit in class today writing about "Top 5 Things We Want the Internet to Do for Us" I reach across to grasp my friends paper and coming across it with my pencil, on accident..?"ARJUN!!!" she screams, as i sit up fully alert and ready to run in case something gets thrown at me. "My paper! It's ruined!" she says as i start laughing.

It turns out, that my friend just happens to be a perfectionist. Like not even a little bit, but a COMPLETELY big obsessive compulsive about the tiniest things. From a crooked collar on your shirt, to a pencil dot on her paper, shes crazy.

And whats funnier is that, she threw that list out. Why? Just because the pencil mark was on it... you're probably thinking like duh? a Eraser? And that's what i thought, and here's her word for word response. "Who cares! You know that little line mark where the pencil hit will still be there! Gah!"

I laughed and so did the rest of the class, as we put little dots with pens on her folders, papers, and homework. Kinda mean but it may help her overcome her perfectionism.

What do you think about perfectionists?

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Art By Alida said...

I have a question...is it common for Indian men to call their wives crazy?
I was married for 15 years to a man from Chennai and he would call me and our daughter crazy all the time.

I was always offended. But he kept doing it. American women would be insulted by that...at least most of them.

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I am an artist. I love Hindi movies and I can cook Indiana food.

sandi said...

I think we need to accept where others are at and maybe love them as they are! I quess I have not been around extreme perfectionism. I think different things will help different people! It depends on the person! So maybe what you did was the best for that person!


Hoover Maneuver said...

People become perfectionist usually because they are desperately trying to hide what they consider to be a "flaw" in themselves.

"If I can just be perfect in every other way, it will make up for my flaw...etc."

Your classmate probably beats herself up pretty bad over something. And it's probably something you wouldn't even think twice about.

Good idea with putting the dots on everything else. Maybe someday she'll realize we all have "dots"...and that's what makes people interesting.

Whoa. Way too deep. Come check out some Things That Suck when you get a chance.


Arjun said...

haha art, NO most indian men do not.

Some crazy ones do. And sandy and hoover, totally agree:D