Monday, May 12, 2008

The Precious Feelings

We talk, we read, we learn, we live, and we ponder. We do things everyday that we don't even give a second thought to. But we don't truly learn the value of anything until we actually lose it. Why? I don't know, but it's definitely true.

As my normally quiet, nice, loving, and fun mom drives the car, tears run down her eyes as the pain of her leg fills her body with terrible feeling. She quietly continues to drive, trying to be strong, trying to not let her sons see, trying to feel how she used to feel, normal.

My mom, a wonderful lady, can't even drive the car anymore due to a recent knee surgery as some of you may know about. What she learned on the cold and dark nights with my dad when she came to America, has been lost. She regrets all the things she can't do now for a few more months as she recovers. No more soccer games, no more driving, no more taking her own sons to places, having to ultimately rely on someone else.

A few days before my mom's surgery. I was speechless. Literally. For i had the crazy case of the hiccups, and the doctor couldn't do anything about it. My normally very talkative self had to rely on typing and writing notes on post-its. My hiccups made me sound like a crazy llama(why i chose this? Dunno.) But i couldn't do anything about it, the doctors office wasn't going to be open until the day after, and it wasn't exactly a emergency or anything to my parents. They we're kinda happy i wasn't talking. (I LOVE to talk...a LOT.)

But as the day went on and on, my hand became sore from the constant writing i had to do, it was a pain in the butt and i wasn't enjoying any part of it. I was tired, bored, and wished that the hiccup would go away. And finally, near the night of that horrifying day, the doctor called and told my mom to get some Benedryll. For it could be an allergic reaction.

And THANK GOODNESS, it was, and a few drowsy hours later, i could speak again.

My mom lost her ability to drive, but learned from it, and i lost my ability to talk.

Though not forever, only for a day for me, and a few months for my mom. Imagine the people who have lost those abilities permanently. Don't mock the disabled, or laugh at them. Feel the pain in their hearts to see people doing the things they used to be able to.

Have you ever lost something precious?

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Memory Gift

The gift of memory, a wonderful little thing that allow us humans to function, communicate, live life, and learn. As we walk throughout our daily lives, there are skills we must learn, there are things we must do, and all of everything we do requires memory.

From the stupidest people to the smartest, IQ is not a measure of brain, its a measure of memory. How much can you remember? What can you remember? And to what detail? are the questions that determine how smart you actually are.

But, memory does come at a price, the price of pain.

While sitting at home with my family on Friday evening, listening to the droplets of rain drizzle down the gutters and the billowing of the heat coming from the air ducts, we sit down quietly and focus our attention to the most interesting thing in the room. The TV.

20/20, one of our favorite shows on ABC, its a good show to watch and you actually get something out of it when your done, try watching it sometime. But the segment we were interested in was "The Woman Who Can't Forget", the title of the book that's coming out this week. She, is truly, the woman who cant forget.

At the age of 12, she realized that she was living two lives. Different, sure. Unique, definitely. She was living one life in the past, and one in the present. Not only did she know everything that she did yesterday, but she knows everything she has experienced, the emotion, everything shes ever seen, heard, or wanted to remember. There are only a few things that she doesn't know.

Shes amazed the experts, dazzled the people she knows. But to herself, she has done nothing.

For memory of everything, yes you remember all the good things, but unfortunately all the bad things as well.

For you see, in a human life, there are things we all regret. But SHE can remember those things, we remember them dumbed down a bit, making them not as bad. But she, she remembers the exact words, the emotion, the feeling, the thought, and everything that happened. For she, is the woman who cant forget.

So, would you want to have unforgettable memory?

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Freaky Friday

Fridays, the most wonderful day in the entire week, the one where sleeping on time, waking up on time, doing work, do not belong. Where relaxation, fun, enjoyment, and comfort come along to soothe and excite your senses in a exasperating mix of awesome-ness.

The Friday is the God of all days and lets our hearts smile and beat to its pleasure. Fridays, are definitely the most fun.

As all great things go though, from Alexander The Great, to the Pyramids of Giza, everything has it's down fall.

From the disease of JFK, to the slavery of the Pyramids, and the greed of Alexander, will the Friday also come to it's doom?

Fridays, are the days when you get drunk, and sleepily fall in love, waking up to being a father or a mother, and already being married. Fridays, not only fill us with emotion, but they fill us with a desire to explore, and venture into unknown territory. We do things that we may later regret, we go places we do not wish to be, and often make many mistakes.

From the drunken crash of a college student, to the murder of a wife, anything and EVERYTHING is possible. Yes, there are other days, other days of the wonder filled lives we live. But, not many of them come with the responsibility of action, behavior, and thought as do Friday's.

On Friday's fun is a must but be careful, for what you do with one day, could change your life.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Past Obsession

Yes, the past. A wonderful world of regret, happiness, mistakes, sadness, hope, insecurity and shame.

Though not everything it has is good, we all ponder upon the thought of going back: to the past.

There are times in our lives where we know not what to do. And often do the wrong thing, from accepting drugs, to creating violence, to doing something that changes your and someone elses life for all of eternity, we all have things we regret doing.

We go to bed at night, hoping and wishing that when you wake up your problem will be gone, you dream, pray, cry, toss, turn and wish. "Ohh if only, i could go back."

Going to the past is impossible as of the current moment, and your going well DUH!?

But then why do people continue to live their lives as if they COULD go to the past? People keep doing stupid things thinking that it's okay, but don't even think about it twice. Teen pregnancy, murder, threats, not studying, etc. etc.

People need to learn why you must act and work and do whatever as if its your last time.

Because the truth is, you have one shot, and that's it. @#&k that up and its over.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Litte Things

From life, to death, to love and growing up. The little things come along, happen, and can completely change our lives. Maybe we should pay more attention?

Living life isn't exactly easy, its pretty hard if i may say so. Earning a living, surviving, and making sure your family comes home safe and sound each and every day. We go on living and noticing the big things that happen. Such as the Burma cyclone or the tsunami that hit a few years ago in 2004.

But its not only the big things we have to look for, its MOSTLY the little things. The tiny things all around us can not only save our lives, but help us live prosperous and enjoyable lives.

Take into account the may signs of warning given before the cyclone, as obvious as it was, people chose to ignore the threat ans stay in their homes. Not only was this a bad idea, but for most, it cost them their lives. Imagine what would have happened if the tiny bit of warning had been followed and the tiny ignorance had gone away. How many lives could have been saved?

Then there's the heart, a wonderful piece of machinery that without none of us could live with. But then there's the cholesterol molecule, small enough to fit through our veins and when we're least expecting it, kill us. Heart attack, is one of the largest causes of death in the USA, and its caused by a simple and tiny little molecule trying to act big.

Not only do we have to pay attention to the tiny things in life, but we must learn from them. They're obviously doing something right, living so well, and so strongly, that they can take down a full grown human in about 5 minutes.

No, no, no i don't mean go crazy and invent a shrinking machine and become the size of a molecule, but look at the way they act amongst bigger things.

Sure they are afraid, as everyone is, but they learn to overcome. As we have grown over thousands of years, humans are getting lazier and lazier, and the little things stop mattering.

From a virus that can kill you to the life bringing fertilized egg, its always the little detail of fine life that gets ignored. And most often, gets us killed.

Do you notice the little stuff?

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Work, Fun and Productivity.

Do you ever get those feelings that your boss in completely wrong and what you are thinking is definitely a much better idea?

Do you often think that your boss is just plain dumb and if he actually listened he would go along with your idea?

Well, welcome to the other 99% of America and the World that says YES.

According to a semi-recent (i saw it in class) video made by ABC called "The Big Dig" or something like that, most people just do NOT want to work with their bosses.

As you go around in your daily work day, there are times when you wish you had a better work environment or something to actually do. Well IDEO, a design company(in the show), completely agrees! According to their studies and the companies productivity, work space, leisure, and fun is a very important part of having good results in a business.

That's the sole reason behind the fact that if you walk through their building, not only will you see custom design work spaces, but toys, Nerf darts, and other toys littering the place. And if you look up, you may even see a few bikes hung on the roof!

"Fun" in work leads to better productivity and enjoyment. If someone doesn't come into work happy then the chances that they will do good work or productive work is almost next to nothing. But being surrounded by toys you achieve a sense of happiness, creativity, and imagination you could not find within yourself otherwise.

Not only does IDEO work proficiently and with large profits, but also works together, not as a hierarchy of boss, co-boss, then worker, but as a team of one.

They work together because they admit the boss may NOT always have the best ideas or the best inference, but they work together NOT shooting down each others ideas but letting everyone express their own opinions and voting for the best.

If you think this is crazy and just plain stupid, you may want to look at the re-deigned or self-designed toys, shopping carts, materials etc. etc. on the market designed by IDEO that are turning up HUGE profits.

Do you have fun at work?

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Artificial Life? Crazy?!

A few weeks ago as i sit at home pondering what do do on a beautiful day, i click away on my computer trying to find something fun. As i open up IE, Yahoo! opens up to my eyes.

What i see after that sickens me and wants me to question everything. For you see, on the first page there was an article about Artificial Life. All about how scientists and a bunch of other people are trying to re-create life.

And that just made me go " Say WHAT?!"

It angered me on how most of the world's population spends their entire life in some sort of search for God, and now, as crazy as we might be, want to play the ultimate part. Sure people want to have power and love having things that come along with it. But have we gone too far?

They claim that this will help people in order to become more of the humans they wish to be, it can cause changes, mentally and physically without harming you or with the side effects.

WHY? I ask the world and you, would anyone want this? I honestly see no reason to have such a strange and weird thing for the world to use. Artificial life. Like how crazy can you get?

I can understand stem cell research and kinda but not really understand how you can choose the sex of your baby, but to this i say : STOP trying to be God.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Unsung Heroes

Throughout my life, many a teacher, student, friend, and advisor has said many a thing to me. I'm sure that all of you have experienced the same thing. With some things they say standing out, and others blowing past your head like a dead tumbleweed.

But in 8th grade, my English teacher told me something, that to this date i have not forgotten. "Who are the true heroes...?" he asked the class as we stared into space on that stormy afternoon.

And that single question, changed my understanding of the world. Who are the true heroes? In today's world, celebs are looked at as the perfect people. Whenever there is something going on with them, the news, newspapers, blogs, and EVERYONE is ALL of it. OMG!? Whos pregnant at 15?, AHH! Soooooooo hot! etc. etc.

But what is your definition of hero? For me, a hero is someone who risks their life to save another. Nope, not Superman, Batman, or Wonder woman, but the true heroes.

The people who stop crime, the ones who run into burning buildings, and the ones who protect our country.

THOSE are the true heroes of the world, they deserve a LOT more recognition. As a fireman runs into a building trying to save lives, his number one goal is to be a hero in some child's eyes. As a police officer goes on a high speed chase to stop a drug merchant who could destroy the people we love, his goal is to make the world a better place.

But for all those "poser" heroes out there, they do everything with the hope they will get attention. Yeah, that's right, every celeb, tv star, and more. Everything they do is only for self gain and self attention. Thankfully not everyone in the world is like them...

So, what is a hero in your eyes?

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Saturday, May 3, 2008


H-i-c-c-u-p-s, the spelling of one of the most annoying things that can ever happen to a person. They range from 3 hours to 3 minutes to even 3 seconds. The people who DON'T get them are pretty lucky.

From about the beginning of man kind, the hiccup has completely annoyed the heck out of every possible human. From being the thing that gets you caught when your trying to sneak a cookie, or the thing that gets you killed when your hunting a mammoth(I miss those guys *cry* ), the hiccup is a terrible and infectious disease of death.

Unfortunately, to this date, there are thousands of people daily that encounter the terrifying hiccup. Some even encounter it for 15 years! I read an article about that once.

The hiccup is even more common than death and birth combined, and it is caused by a simple human abnormality. I would have figured that since we've had them for so long, why haven't our bodies evolved enough to get rid of them!

The one thing that will not let you read a book, or the simple fact that will make you drop a ball when playing football. Anyone with the hiccups in public just looks plain stupid. Sure you can ask for a glass of water like i did, or hold your breath, or even eat peanut butter.

But as life goes to stand, i cant rid of this horrifying monster, can you help me?

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Basics and Perfection.

The ultimate goal of almost any human being is to gain perfection. Whether it is beauty, money, weight, physical, mental, or just plain out wrong, we all have some sort of perception of perfection.(Whoa, sounds cool!)

As we strive forth to gain the impossible, we come across the basics over and over again. Though we may think we've passed this stage, we almost NEVER have.

Take for example my horridly dropping math grade, as my tutor and i worked on constantly harder and harder problems, i have almost little to no difficulty, but then i proposed we follow the basics. After a week, my next quiz result: 103.5%.

Then again, there's sports. Maybe not all of us are trying to gain academical perfection. To play soccer you need to know how to run, pass, shoot, head butt, and a few other basic skills that will help you accomplish the best.

As i train for the upcoming soccer season next year, i know making the team wont be as easy as it was this year. Everyone will run, and practice, and put their hearts and souls into it. Doing what? No, not playing for the Chicago Fire in pre-mature professional games, but playing with their garage, almost breaking it into 3 pieces like i did, or just passing it around with their friends.

From sports to business to academics and beyond. The basics, repetition, is what makes the ultimate perfection.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thoughts and Actions

We go around everyday obviously thinking and doing tons of things. But all of us, even the crazy man across the street, have or have had thoughts that we just COULDN'T implement into actions.

I found this out today as in one of my classes we discusses making and starting a business. We wanted this, wanted that, and wanted even more stuff. But knowing more about business than others in my class probably and about websites etc etc, i knew that we couldn't even do HALF of the things we were planning on doing.

Discovering that what you WANT to do and what you CAN do is quite a strange feeling. Often times people go about their daily lives doing things just because they think it will lead to another. Such as stock investors, many people invest to make millions. Some do, but most don't. Others even start businesses with a "original" idea. But it turns out they spend thousands to make something but then it doesn't sell. At all.

It feels weird when you find out what you wanted isn't true. Have you ever had it when you haven't meet someone or haven't been to someones house. But people keep telling you things about it, and you get some sort of an image in your head. But when you actually meet them, or go there, your image is completely destroyed with a worse, RARELY better one.

Then there's always the bad thoughts that usually don't go into action. Want to kill someone? Well please don't, and morals and ethics rush into MOST people's heads and they maintain the peace.

So, thinking and NOT being able to do,

Good or bad?

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