Friday, April 18, 2008

A Little Scary

As our world technologies advance and as more and more people come to populate the planet on a day to day basis, i learned today that the human species may not even end up being a successful one.

According to science, to be a successful species we must live for 50 thousand years. And according to math, the rate at which we are currently using our resources we wont end up living that long.

Did you know the average American uses about 70 gallons of water a day and America, which is 3% of the worlds population uses almost 70% of the worlds resources?

That's kind of a scary fact living in the US. People such as my parents came here for the hope of making their dreams come true and to start anew and live happily. But is this dream being realized at the worlds cost?

The average diaper contains about 1 PINT of crude oil. And the average household with a new baby uses about 10,000 diapers over the time it takes the child to grow up. Now, that's a BIG number. And thinking about that on a worldwide basis...

It got me thinking that its time for ME personally to reduce my "carbon footprint" as it is popularly known. And from now on i'm going to make a vow to take shorter showers, turn the heat down at night and use more blankets, and even make sure i unplug some electronics before going to bed.

Anything left plugged in uses energy, and sometimes even more energy when NOT in use then WHEN in use. Kinda weird. Gives ya something to think about though.

What are you going to/do to decrease your "Carbon Footprint."?

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