Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who are You?

For being a half-day today was pretty good, but in English we were discussing stuff that i thought would be fun to blog about, so here goes.

Many people simply live today for a specific reason. To help people, to make money, to raise kids, to have fun, etc etc. But are we today trying to "fit" ourselves into things just because we think that's the right thing to do?

Many people today are working with little or no fun. They go to work, come back home depressed and tired and don't feel like doing anything. At this point, you really need to ask yourself your "goals" and WHO and WHAT set them.

Most people set goals such as "I want to become a doctor" because of their parents or just because their cousins are ALL doctors and etc. But MANY of those people will in fact end up becoming doctors but not at all enjoy what they are doing.

Most people today have just a few goals they need to strive for and once they achieve them they just sit and think everything is going to be okay. Sure, you may want to go to Princeton or Harvard, and your cousin may have gotten in due to the simple fact that he was head of the newspaper club in high school or he was an Eagle Scout. And you may think doing this, or "fitting his mold" may help you accomplish your dream of being in Harvard.

But is this truly your dream? Or is it someone Else's? This was just one example, but there are hundreds of millions of things we today as people do just because we THINK its what WE want to do. Sometimes what we truly love is being left behind in order for us to achieve "our" goals and "our" dreams. So today i ask you, and tomorrow you shall ask the world.

Who...are You?

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Grandma Julia said...

Wise thoughts from a young man. Keep it going.

Arjun said...

haha wont stop anytime soon:D

And thanks!

Austen Fields said...

cool ideas.