Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Second Impression

Most people judge others without even knowing it. You walk through the streets and think "poor people" or "rich people" and stereotypes flow freely through your head.

A first impression, even if its a good one, can be a incorrect one. And most of the time is a bad one too. Its always good to set a good first impression, but its even better to make sure that your first impression is who you truly are.

But also, this crazy life of ours with stereotypes and impressions teaches us to double check and recheck the things we do in order to try to minimize mistakes.

Take for example my mom, for the last 4 months shes not been able to drive, to walk, to sit, or to stand without experiencing huge amounts of pain in her knee.

We went to a doctor and he said that it was some form of sever arthritis because the MRI or "scan" of her leg turned up nothing out of the ordinary.

Saddened, she considered getting a full knee replacement, it WOULD help her out, but she wouldn't be able to feel her knee ever again and her knee would now be metal.

But she was determined to get a second impression, and the next doctor, looked, more carefully, harder, and better then the first one. Because to him, it just couldn't be arthritis because my mom is fairly young.

It turns out that a tendon connecting her knee and muscle was torn, and every time she stretched it or moved it the tendon would scratch against her bone causing extreme pain. So FINALLY after months and months of pain, shes going for her x-ray today with a NON knee replacement surgery scheduled for this comming Wednesday.

Careful with the impressions you make, it can change someones life.

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Anonymous said...

Good post =]

*Learn, Love, Dream, Aim, Act, Travel, Live* said...

hehe...this is exactly what i think too :) it scares me how some ppl are not ABLE to be openminded and think they can 'read' other people... but what theyre basically doing, is making assumptions based on what they see (first impression).....

Arjun said...

yeah ! we've gotta be carefull on what we think:D