Friday, April 11, 2008

Life Bites

Our parents always tell us that hard work, practice, patience and all good virtues always pay off in the end. But is this truly the way it is?

In my opinion i think not. Otherwise "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" would not cease to exist. I'm obviously a student and so i MUST try hard in highschool because it determines your life basically.

As i sit at home for hours upon hours learning the formulas and practicing math for a A+ on a quiz i DESPERATELY need, quiz day has finally come. Unfortunately i have forgotten my contacts at home and being farsighted (i cant see well up close) some of the small problems are hard to read.

As i get the quiz back today, it says 98%. ONE SINGLE percent off of and A+. I look and see, the problem i got wrong, the LAST one. Why? Because i read the directions wrong due to bad vision.

Life truly DOES bite. But don't freak out.

There's always easy and simple ways to get out of life's way. First of all, even if your SUPER mad. Try and relax a bit. A cup of hot coffee, cold milk, lemonade, or even a hot shower can be all that's needed.

And if its something stupid like my case. Try and solve your way out. For me, i asked the teacher and told her the story. And as my classmates backed me up, my teacher looked at my test and realized that i had more correct work than she realized. She gave me the one point and i got my A+. (Yay!)

So in the end, yeah Life Bites, and it can suck too.
But hey, your alive, how bad can it be?


Hanafi Ismail said...

Yes is like that..we win some,we lose some..we can't always get what we want,the way we want it..but it still is better than not getting anything.If you want something badly,you have to sacrifice something to get it.You want good results an A+ maybe,you have to study have to give a miss to Playstation or whatever you like.

Arjun said...

Yep, i totally agree.

Life comes with sacrifices always unfortunaly.

Rose DesRochers said...

You are worrying about that 98%? Geez, some kids would give anything for those grades.