Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Violence :(

Unfortunately due to the recent events taken/taking place in my beloved city of Chicago, i NEED to blog about this.

From a simple push to a gun at your head, violence is in the society all around us weather we want to accept it or not. Kids are DYING young where their lives were full of promise and hope. Whats the point of having dreams and goals if everything you love and cherish is probably going to be destroyed by gunfire and/or gang warfare.

Walking in some of the streets of Chicago you can see bullet holes in the walls that are supposed to keep us safe. Makeshift memorials are placed at the sights of careless violence and hopeless destruction. As you walk the streets you see the sadness and the poverty some neighborhoods must live in. And what are we as people doing about it? Nothing!

All we as humanity care about is who is "on top." Not in a dirty or sexual manor, but in the human ladder of life. We start wars with each other when all that is needed is a simple agreement or compromise. We buy guns to shoot others and to destroy human life and to sin.

Why? Just to show who's the best. But does this ever truly show or prove anything?

In total within the last few weeks there have been 16+ deaths in the city of Chicago. Not of natural causes, and not even of adults, but of high school and middle school kids who barely even know what it means to be alive. To cherish every moment, and to live in the present and not the past.

Violence is shaping Earth into a ugly and unforgiving reality. We need to face this mindless violence and put a stop to it.

"Violence is the answer to nothing"- Mahatma Gandhi

If he can win a war without firing a single bullet im sure we can too.

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