Monday, April 28, 2008

Internet Spies

The cookie, a wonderful piece of warm, delicious, heart warming chocolate surrounded with beautiful brown crust all melting your soul into a flow of love.

Most of us, have probably eaten a cookie once in our life. But did you know that 99% of the worlds cookies are in-fact NON edible? Weird eh? That 99% of cookies, well they are really smart too, they know where you live, what you like, what kinds of things you do, and sometimes even your credit card number!

It turns out, that as you sit there reading my blog, there are little Internet spies, known in the technological world as cookies, tracking your every movement. From how long you stay here, to where you came from and to where you are going to go, yeah, they know everything!

As advertisement becomes more and more popular these days, marketers are becoming smarter and developing ways to tend to your every need. To make advertisements, ESPECIALLY on the Internet, that you will feel the NEED to click! Some cookie baker somewhere in this world is making millions, why? Just because hes/shes stalking everything you do.

It turns out that as we search Google or Yahoo! or anything else, we have little cookie monsters following us around and tending to give us advertisements that we like. Say we've been to a furniture site recently but didn't buy anything, we go Google something and it turns out, your probably going to get advertisements that will try and offer you a better deal on furniture. It won't matter much what you Google'd, your still going to get furniture.

So in essence, our Internet cookies, say something about us. Who we are, what we like, and what we want to do. So i must ask you.

What do your cookies say about you?

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