Wednesday, April 30, 2008


24/7/365, the first time Ive ever looked at numbers and stared in wonder and in surprise. Hmm i said to myself as i walked into my English class.

And knowing me, it was time to actually think it out, 24/7/365. DUH?! Life. It looked me in the face but i thought to myself that that was too simple. And i realized finally what it was near the middle of the period with a smug smile on my face.


As we sleep, as we dream, as we wake and do things. There's always something that will be there with us all the time. Nope, not our best friends, not money, or our parents. But our thought.

The way us humans think is 10 times more advanced than the closest species to us. We have to ability to learn, to govern, to ponder, to wonder, to create, and to do what our hearts desire.

From a neurosurgeon where a single stab can change a persons life, to a homeless man who must figure out a way to survive. Our thought not only gets us into problems, but out of them as well.

If we learn to control our thoughts, we learn to control our behavior, our actions, and we gain total and utter control over our bodies. Some may think this is already what we do everyday. But think NOT to the big things, but to the little things. Can we stop eating when we feel like it? Can we accomplish everything we wish to accomplish?

The mind is our best friend and our worst enemy. Is it your friend?

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Crazy Perfection

In our tiny little world that's getting smaller and smaller every year. There is a group of people who must, at all costs, strive for perfection.

Some of us strive for money, others strive to be great. Then there's the handful that strive to be perfect. Whether or not they will achieve it, they must still try.

As I sit in class today writing about "Top 5 Things We Want the Internet to Do for Us" I reach across to grasp my friends paper and coming across it with my pencil, on accident..?"ARJUN!!!" she screams, as i sit up fully alert and ready to run in case something gets thrown at me. "My paper! It's ruined!" she says as i start laughing.

It turns out, that my friend just happens to be a perfectionist. Like not even a little bit, but a COMPLETELY big obsessive compulsive about the tiniest things. From a crooked collar on your shirt, to a pencil dot on her paper, shes crazy.

And whats funnier is that, she threw that list out. Why? Just because the pencil mark was on it... you're probably thinking like duh? a Eraser? And that's what i thought, and here's her word for word response. "Who cares! You know that little line mark where the pencil hit will still be there! Gah!"

I laughed and so did the rest of the class, as we put little dots with pens on her folders, papers, and homework. Kinda mean but it may help her overcome her perfectionism.

What do you think about perfectionists?

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Internet Spies

The cookie, a wonderful piece of warm, delicious, heart warming chocolate surrounded with beautiful brown crust all melting your soul into a flow of love.

Most of us, have probably eaten a cookie once in our life. But did you know that 99% of the worlds cookies are in-fact NON edible? Weird eh? That 99% of cookies, well they are really smart too, they know where you live, what you like, what kinds of things you do, and sometimes even your credit card number!

It turns out, that as you sit there reading my blog, there are little Internet spies, known in the technological world as cookies, tracking your every movement. From how long you stay here, to where you came from and to where you are going to go, yeah, they know everything!

As advertisement becomes more and more popular these days, marketers are becoming smarter and developing ways to tend to your every need. To make advertisements, ESPECIALLY on the Internet, that you will feel the NEED to click! Some cookie baker somewhere in this world is making millions, why? Just because hes/shes stalking everything you do.

It turns out that as we search Google or Yahoo! or anything else, we have little cookie monsters following us around and tending to give us advertisements that we like. Say we've been to a furniture site recently but didn't buy anything, we go Google something and it turns out, your probably going to get advertisements that will try and offer you a better deal on furniture. It won't matter much what you Google'd, your still going to get furniture.

So in essence, our Internet cookies, say something about us. Who we are, what we like, and what we want to do. So i must ask you.

What do your cookies say about you?

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Bus Ride

For all those of you wondering why i didn't post anything yesterday, its because my school went to state for Math Club, kinda nerdy but it was fun!

Anyway, so as you walk through your daily life, there's always those people who you wish you knew more, or you wish you knew more about. Nowadays, for guys, its girls, and for girls, its guys! But there's always that feeling of "Would he/she be a good friend?" and for some "Would he/she be a good life partner."

As we all try to get to know others better and better, most of us forget about the people we're already with. The people we already know and love. Our family, our friends, for me , my teams, and the closest people to me.

And this is where the bus ride comes in, as it was a 4 hour drive from Chicago to U of I it was a great way to just sit back and relax with the people you know. But the ride there was LAME. No one talked or anything, most people just slept or ate stuff. And wow it couldn't have been more boring.

But then, after we arrived and people went to their events to compete in, the "left overs" were left behind. And the events were LONG. So as people talked, they became better friends, and started having more fun.

After we did very well, placing like 11th or something in the state, we decided to have some fun.

It turns out that the bus had a "iPod" jack for us to plug iPods into. And you have no idea what happened after that. We started dancing, on the BUS! Talking, being friends, and coming together more as what we were supposed to be, a Team.

For the first time this entire year, we actually came together and had fun. Not as a club, not as a team, and not even as friends. But as a family.

So most of you are like yeah, who cares? But this can be taken into advise to get to know your OWN family better. Instead of taking a plane, drive. And find out some common interests that you can have fun with.

Make friends with your family, THEN with everyone else.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Its a Bird, No a Plane, No, its Superman!

Well we've definitely all heard the phrase "Its a bird, no a plane, no, its superman!" at least once in your life if you live in America. From being a kid, to growing older, cartoons and comics and hero's like superman are just how we were all raised.

But that phrase, in all of its glory and advertising, teaches us that we cant ever overlook things. Looking at things one way and then thinking of them in another, is just plain wrong.

This is brought to my attention due to the crisis of MANY teen girls and sometimes even guys developing eating disorders so they can maintain the "Sexy Look." Many of us look in the mirror each and every morning and we see things we don't want or we want better. From bigger muscles to a toner body, we all want something to be better.

As we put ourselves down for not being the perfect fit, we don't realize that WE are looking in the mirror and when OTHER people look at us, what they see is quite different.

As humans we control our emotions and attitudes toward ourselves and sometimes we put ourselves down even though other people will almost NEVER see your tiny little "imperfection."

Then there are the models, all girls are "OMG! Look at her, shes soooo totally skinny!" and "Totally jealous of her look omg!" but as my class knows after seeing a video, what we see is almost NEVER real.

From a boob job, color up, or a "make taller and skinny" job, 99.99% of models appear in magazines only after undergoing "paper cosmetics" or a changing of themselves on paper.

What we see is only there to get our attention, but in actuality, the truth is different.

People say sight is always deceiving,but have you ever looked twice?

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who are You?

For being a half-day today was pretty good, but in English we were discussing stuff that i thought would be fun to blog about, so here goes.

Many people simply live today for a specific reason. To help people, to make money, to raise kids, to have fun, etc etc. But are we today trying to "fit" ourselves into things just because we think that's the right thing to do?

Many people today are working with little or no fun. They go to work, come back home depressed and tired and don't feel like doing anything. At this point, you really need to ask yourself your "goals" and WHO and WHAT set them.

Most people set goals such as "I want to become a doctor" because of their parents or just because their cousins are ALL doctors and etc. But MANY of those people will in fact end up becoming doctors but not at all enjoy what they are doing.

Most people today have just a few goals they need to strive for and once they achieve them they just sit and think everything is going to be okay. Sure, you may want to go to Princeton or Harvard, and your cousin may have gotten in due to the simple fact that he was head of the newspaper club in high school or he was an Eagle Scout. And you may think doing this, or "fitting his mold" may help you accomplish your dream of being in Harvard.

But is this truly your dream? Or is it someone Else's? This was just one example, but there are hundreds of millions of things we today as people do just because we THINK its what WE want to do. Sometimes what we truly love is being left behind in order for us to achieve "our" goals and "our" dreams. So today i ask you, and tomorrow you shall ask the world.

Who...are You?

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Time, what keeps the world in play and makes sure that everything happens perfectly in order with the universe. The element that controls our lives even though we may not know it, but it seems as if we are all running out.

"Don't have enough time", "Need more time", "What time should it be done?" are all common questions asked in the workplace. Whether your at school, at home, at work, or even outside. Time is something that we all need a little more.

As Sophomores and Juniors have testing today, the Freshmen(me) and Seniors are off today! And wow, I can't even begin to tell you how good i feel. From waking up completely rested, to not having to worry about homework or projects, and just being able to hang out with my friends and enjoy life.

According to science fact, having "Time" can make the difference between a healthy and a non-healthy person. Often, when rushed you being to feel stressed, tired, sleepy, bored, and sometimes even dizzy. But when you relax, even for one day in a month, it lets your body completely recuperate and let you survive for another month.

Have you ever wondered what those vacation packages are from your work? Well its proven that when you work a lot, indeed you get tired, and sleepy, and bored and therefore don't work as productively as you can. So companies came up with a cleaver method to make more money by giving out vacations so people can go be "re-born."

But the feeling of having time, is amazing. You should DEFINITELY try it sometime.

How much time do you have?

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Natural Pain Killer

Well for all those of you who know that my mom had surgery today on her knee, shes back home and doing well!

After school today, my dad picked me up and we went to the hospital to check on my mom. And well, i personally do NOT like hospitals because first of all all the sick people and dying people and ahh its scary!

But it was kinda cool, because somehow me and my dad ended up near the emergency room and this guy is being rushed in because he got shot in the leg. (Ouch!) But i hear the doctor near me laughing and talking to another doctor saying something like "He's just in shock, he can't even feel the pain." And i hear that and do a double-take like say what?

Apparently "pain" is a signal sent by one nerve to another. And unlike other signals this one has to "jump" from one nerve to the next one in order to get to the brain. The doctor was explaining this to me as he laughed again when he saw me double-take.

So if your body is in pain, and your normal functionality is being reduced to a certain extent, your body "blocks" the bridge of the two nerves like a draw bridge. And to me, like whoa, that's pretty cool!

But it explains why after surgery patients tend to sleep and when they wake start screaming like few week old babies.

But this truly shows us the power and might of our bodies. Pretty cool don't ya think?

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Monday, April 21, 2008

A Helping Hand

From falling down, to dropping your things, you have no idea the difference a simple helping hand can make.

Being a Monday, school wasn't exactly the greatest today. As i bored-ly walked through biology and my other classes, i wasn't having a great day.

Then during one of my passing periods, one of my friends hit me on the back and BOOM. Almost EVERYTHING in my bag goes FLYING. But out of nowhere, the whole hallway just stops, as some people walk by, some people laugh, and others just say "Freshman" with a snug look on their face, most stop and actually help me out.

Pretty big surprise for me, i thought most people in this world don't really care THAT much about one another. But everyone makes mistakes:D

Parents raise you and tell you "Don't talk with strangers" but one, then you can't make friends, and two, you'll never know what it feels like to help someone in need.

To me, most of my days aren't crummy, and just a small helping hand picking up my books and papers was enough to make my entire day better.

Happiness is what makes the world turn and what makes others around you smile and feel happy. So go ahead, give a helping hand.

Whether its donating to the poor, or giving to the Salvation Army, helping out at a food shelter, or even just helping someone across the street, go and see how happy it can make someone, and YOU.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

What it means to be determined.

Ah Sundays, the final relaxing day before work for most of us and for me school. The final and last day of the weekend to show the world what you are made of.

As my brother gets ready this morning, screaming at me to get out of bed, my mom starts cooking breakfast and my dad grabs my blanket off of me and pulls my legs until I'm on the floor growling but awake.

My brother has a soccer game today, his first in a LONG time. For soccer, most park districts have half the season in the fall, then a few games and a tournament the next year in the spring.

My brother is SO excited but at the same time hes scared out of his mind. His team just happens to be playing the number 1 team and if they win today, then my brothers team will go from second place to first and get a let-by in the tournament.

This let by is VERY important for his team because otherwise they have to face the number 1 team AGAIN and probably will be eliminated.

The game is off to a slow start, and after the first half, his team is down 5-0. But as they say, ONE thing can make all the difference. As my brothers team gets tackled in the goalie box, they get a free kick, upon making it the team rejoices.

But now its time for the other team to play dirty, play after play *Joseph* (not real name), the one who made the penalty kick and the best player on the team keeps getting tackled and shoved and beaten. But he doesn't give up, and a broken ankle, bloody nose, and black eye later, my brothers team is up 6-5. (Hes a VERY skilled player, wow!)

This goes to show that ANYONE, even with a broken ankle, can accomplish anything if they set their mind to it.

Determination is a powerful tool, can you use it?

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Second Impression

Most people judge others without even knowing it. You walk through the streets and think "poor people" or "rich people" and stereotypes flow freely through your head.

A first impression, even if its a good one, can be a incorrect one. And most of the time is a bad one too. Its always good to set a good first impression, but its even better to make sure that your first impression is who you truly are.

But also, this crazy life of ours with stereotypes and impressions teaches us to double check and recheck the things we do in order to try to minimize mistakes.

Take for example my mom, for the last 4 months shes not been able to drive, to walk, to sit, or to stand without experiencing huge amounts of pain in her knee.

We went to a doctor and he said that it was some form of sever arthritis because the MRI or "scan" of her leg turned up nothing out of the ordinary.

Saddened, she considered getting a full knee replacement, it WOULD help her out, but she wouldn't be able to feel her knee ever again and her knee would now be metal.

But she was determined to get a second impression, and the next doctor, looked, more carefully, harder, and better then the first one. Because to him, it just couldn't be arthritis because my mom is fairly young.

It turns out that a tendon connecting her knee and muscle was torn, and every time she stretched it or moved it the tendon would scratch against her bone causing extreme pain. So FINALLY after months and months of pain, shes going for her x-ray today with a NON knee replacement surgery scheduled for this comming Wednesday.

Careful with the impressions you make, it can change someones life.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

A Little Scary

As our world technologies advance and as more and more people come to populate the planet on a day to day basis, i learned today that the human species may not even end up being a successful one.

According to science, to be a successful species we must live for 50 thousand years. And according to math, the rate at which we are currently using our resources we wont end up living that long.

Did you know the average American uses about 70 gallons of water a day and America, which is 3% of the worlds population uses almost 70% of the worlds resources?

That's kind of a scary fact living in the US. People such as my parents came here for the hope of making their dreams come true and to start anew and live happily. But is this dream being realized at the worlds cost?

The average diaper contains about 1 PINT of crude oil. And the average household with a new baby uses about 10,000 diapers over the time it takes the child to grow up. Now, that's a BIG number. And thinking about that on a worldwide basis...

It got me thinking that its time for ME personally to reduce my "carbon footprint" as it is popularly known. And from now on i'm going to make a vow to take shorter showers, turn the heat down at night and use more blankets, and even make sure i unplug some electronics before going to bed.

Anything left plugged in uses energy, and sometimes even more energy when NOT in use then WHEN in use. Kinda weird. Gives ya something to think about though.

What are you going to/do to decrease your "Carbon Footprint."?

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good ol Days

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed definitely brought me back to the good old days. When everything was calm and quiet and everyone just lived happily.

The good days were the days when gas prices were not insane, seriously, $4 a gallon in some places?! Jeez, and im going have to pay for my own gas soon when i can drive.

Now we're all worried about Eco-consumption and trying to save our fossil fuels. My biology teacher said that to be a "success full species" you must survive for at least 50k years, and according to him, the rate at which we are using our natural resources, we're not going to be successful.

Then there's the whole dollar thing, before when i used to go to India the dollar was worth around 50 rupees, but now its almost worth 20. Whats up with that? Everyone is worrying about the economy and the way stuff works now that's everything has just fallen out of place.

Everything is more talked about now thanks to the media, before your only resources was your neighbor or the neighborhood gossip queen. *Sigh* the good old days are gone. But we've gotta learn to live with the present. And just think, sooner or later, our sons or daughter's sons or daughters are going to be talking about OUR time as the "good ol days."

What do you miss about the good times?

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Failure is Success?

In the reality of life, though none of us may want to admit it, failure IS an option.

Many people look at failure as losing and as giving up, others look at it as a chance to exploit others with CRAZY offers that seem to good to be true. To good to be true seems just right in a time of need, and often we tend to move over to that side and end up making BIG mistakes.

Failure can lead to sadness, anger, depression, and even suicide in some cases.

But failure is something that happens to everyone, this is something that we MUST view as a success. Some of you are looking at this and saying what? Is he crazy? But you'll see what i mean.

Failure in many ways is often success but in a hidden way. Take learning for example, when we do something for the first time most of us do not succeed. But does this impede us from forgoing our expedition to accomplish and to achieve?

Take for example someone that everyone knows, yourself. When you were a baby you tried to walk, falling almost all of the time. Crying, getting angry, but in the end getting back up again. And look at you now, you've grown up and now walking, even sprinting, is not out of the question.

Failure is used by the world as a training device for success. Failing something your pretty good at can be a BIG downfall. Sometimes big business owners experience sudden stock drops or shifts in the economy that put their company in debt. Many times this leads to suicide and children now left to bear the hardships of yourself.

But taken as a challenge, then this company will not only recover, but prosper and grow! Take a look at many of the big sports, business, and singing stars out there.

You many not know this but Michael Jordan in his young age didn't even make his high school basketball team. But in his prime he was not only making millions, but was inspiring others all around the world.

If chaneled in the right way, failure leads to motivation and motivation leads to success.

If at first you don't succeed, try and try again!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Violence :(

Unfortunately due to the recent events taken/taking place in my beloved city of Chicago, i NEED to blog about this.

From a simple push to a gun at your head, violence is in the society all around us weather we want to accept it or not. Kids are DYING young where their lives were full of promise and hope. Whats the point of having dreams and goals if everything you love and cherish is probably going to be destroyed by gunfire and/or gang warfare.

Walking in some of the streets of Chicago you can see bullet holes in the walls that are supposed to keep us safe. Makeshift memorials are placed at the sights of careless violence and hopeless destruction. As you walk the streets you see the sadness and the poverty some neighborhoods must live in. And what are we as people doing about it? Nothing!

All we as humanity care about is who is "on top." Not in a dirty or sexual manor, but in the human ladder of life. We start wars with each other when all that is needed is a simple agreement or compromise. We buy guns to shoot others and to destroy human life and to sin.

Why? Just to show who's the best. But does this ever truly show or prove anything?

In total within the last few weeks there have been 16+ deaths in the city of Chicago. Not of natural causes, and not even of adults, but of high school and middle school kids who barely even know what it means to be alive. To cherish every moment, and to live in the present and not the past.

Violence is shaping Earth into a ugly and unforgiving reality. We need to face this mindless violence and put a stop to it.

"Violence is the answer to nothing"- Mahatma Gandhi

If he can win a war without firing a single bullet im sure we can too.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Societies Rules

Mondays, don't ya just love em?

But anyway, today while i was at school, an interesting article was proposed to me about Societies Rules. In other words, basically the laws in which society governs us as humans and as ourselves.

Sexism , racism, everything-ism, all exist in our society today. But do we as people accept certain things and stereotypes as human nature or are we taught and raised to be (sex,race,everything)-ist.

According to the article, we as the babies we used to be, were fed information and misguiding things that in the end resulted in our mixed and imperfect society. Everything from cartoons such as Looney Toons where often "black"-ness is frowned upon and people who are "black" are often stupid and not very educated such as Silvester(Tweety bird's cat.) and daffy duck. And even in far reaching things such as Disney where Peter Pan and his fairy are seen as models for healthy an good looking human beings. Then in other shows if watched carefully you learn that the entire show and series is all about making money. Is that telling kids that making money is the only way of being successful in life?

As we look into the things we did as kids now, we come across somethings that we realize had a different meaning, some shows portrayed men as being superior to women. And why are all famous and great cartoon characters all men. Again, is media and society raising us even when we are 5 and twisting our little minds into thinking such things?

Women in most cartoons or shows we watched as kids are always shown as "Bunny" or Playboy cover folds. Another coincidence or is something going on here?

As kids, many of us see, hear, and do things that in the future may have a strange outcome on us. Until today i never would have thought of cartoons being able to inflict permanent stereotypes and misunderstandings into a child.

Do you think that media and society could have such a big impact on a child?

He doesnt look that harmfull to me...

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Movies? Not anymore...

Movies, the fun felt "freeing" thing of the 21st century. As we step into the theatre the smell of popcorn and of butter fill our nostrils as our body completely gets possessed by the senses of the theatre.

As we buy our tickets, the adrenaline fills our bodies as we look forward to the great movie experience ahead. We find the best seats, sit down, and its time for a great show.

How many times has this happened to you but you walk out of the theatre disappointed and sad.

To me at least, quite more often than not. Are movies still what they used to be? People used to sit down at the movies and enjoy a truly great show. Along with other things such as circus acts, talent shows, and the premiere movie for a measly 5c. But now as movie tickets keep on climbing, the quality of the movies is getting worse and worse in my opinion. People keep walking out "Oh, it looked good in the commercials!"

Last night as i sat down with my family to watch a Indian movie, we were hoping for the best. As this was the current number 1 box office hit in India. And trust me, watching a Indian movie in the US is a BIG thing. They are LONG movies. Usually around 3-4 hours and even 6 hours at the most. So unless a movie was a big-time hit there was no way we were going to watch it over here.

It was the biggest waste of time in my life. The movie "One, Two, Three" was TERRIBLE. It was a sad attempt at a comedy. To me, some Indian movies when i was little were actually good. We went to the nearest store and usually picked up 3-4 movies and NEVER were dissapointed. But now, we're lucky to see even one good one every few months even though Indian Bollywood makes the most movies ever year.

Movies used to be great, a fun and relazing time to enjoy yourself and be with your family. But now, its just not as good.

Some movies are great, but most are not. Atleast, in my opinion.

What do you think about movies?

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Global Warming, Chicago Cooldown

Spring, a time to rejoice and finally be happy with nature. Life gets warmer and you get happier and the birds finally start to tweet in the morning.

This morning was strange, the usual calls of the birds were not heard as i woke up. This could have been because i woke up later obviously since its the weekend or unfortunately something else. As i get a cup of milk and a cookie and sit down and turn on the television. The weather lady is telling us that Chicago probably will get snow today.

I keep thinking to myself this is a joke but as i actually listen more. Wow i cannot believe what I'm hearing and seeing.

Chicago....its April. Its FINALLY after the HUGE amounts of snow we got this winter we're supposed to get More?! An expected 1-2 inches by tonight. This really "grinds my gears." (for those family guy fans)

For all those who are living in a warmer climate, i am 110% jealous. After the most snowfall EVER in a Chicago winter, we are supposed to get even more in APRIL. Whens the last time i remember that happening? Never.

If the world is truly warming, Chicago is unfortunately cooling.

Whats the weather like down where you live?

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Life Bites

Our parents always tell us that hard work, practice, patience and all good virtues always pay off in the end. But is this truly the way it is?

In my opinion i think not. Otherwise "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" would not cease to exist. I'm obviously a student and so i MUST try hard in highschool because it determines your life basically.

As i sit at home for hours upon hours learning the formulas and practicing math for a A+ on a quiz i DESPERATELY need, quiz day has finally come. Unfortunately i have forgotten my contacts at home and being farsighted (i cant see well up close) some of the small problems are hard to read.

As i get the quiz back today, it says 98%. ONE SINGLE percent off of and A+. I look and see, the problem i got wrong, the LAST one. Why? Because i read the directions wrong due to bad vision.

Life truly DOES bite. But don't freak out.

There's always easy and simple ways to get out of life's way. First of all, even if your SUPER mad. Try and relax a bit. A cup of hot coffee, cold milk, lemonade, or even a hot shower can be all that's needed.

And if its something stupid like my case. Try and solve your way out. For me, i asked the teacher and told her the story. And as my classmates backed me up, my teacher looked at my test and realized that i had more correct work than she realized. She gave me the one point and i got my A+. (Yay!)

So in the end, yeah Life Bites, and it can suck too.
But hey, your alive, how bad can it be?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Angry Neighbor

Ah! We all know what a bad neighbor is and thankfull most of us dont have to live near one. But unfortunatly for me, i do.

My neighbor is HORRIBLE. Even though he has kids too, it seems as if he always dislikes kids and will never like them again.

It totally stinks to be me, im faced with police mostly, his wife, and him every single summer. Or whenever ir gets warm. My neighbor has some kind of property issue of his. Hes like a 3 year old in the "this is mine" stage. He never wants me or my brother to even THINK about touching his property. And being kids we play tennis and basketball and soccer and ufortunatly the ball rolls on his driveway sometimes.

We're about to go get it an suddenly the door opens "Get off my property!" says my neighbor in a raggedy old indian accented voice. And we cant really do much at that point...

Anyone in law know the legal restrictions on him and us if the ball simply just rolls into his driveway?

Anyway though, whats your neighbor like?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Self- Mind Control

We all know the mind is a pretty powerful weapon. As people start to convince their own mind of things a lot of things can happen.

Take for example a popular fox show "House M.D", there is one episode in which people on a plane start to develop weird diseases just because they THINK they have them. And also the mysterious cases of "stigmata" or marks made by God, some think are caused due to the impression of the mind.

So can we truly twist our minds and take full advantage of our bodies?

Experts say yes, but society says no. People say its way to hard to convince yourself that your strong and maybe develop some muscles (or at least some self-confidence) and definitely way too hard to stop habits even if you try.

Nutritionists say that the number one cause of a failed diet is people not being able to control previous urges or bad habits that developed over the course of years.

But me, a student , not exactly an expert and not exactly blending in well with society have to agree that you can but only to a certain extent. I recently tried to put a stop to my habit of eating too many cookies. For the past few years, as my schools have changed, the food available has also changed. As i enter high school i find myself spending CRAZY amounts of money on food that could have gone to a better cause.

At one point i decided that HAD to stop. I kept on trying to convince myself i wasn't hungry when i was about to go and buy a cookie. It worked some of the time but most of the time i gave in to my desires.

As the months progresses and the money kept flowing down the drain (I have home lunches , so all i buy is cookies and other bad stuff:D), i realized that the times i DID NOT buy a cookie was not because i had convinced myself i was hungry. But instead it was because i got distracted due to a funny or interesting conversation with my friends.

So later on again i try this but with a twist. If I am going to go buy a cookie i made SURE i tell my friend. And he being stronger, faster, and more intimidating than even my own dad says no. And sooner or later, it turned into him and a LOT of other people saying no.

Peer pressure, self peer pressure i guess turned into a effective weapon to dissolve and eliminate my hunger pains. As weeks went by with no cookies my mind and body got used to the fact that i was not buying cookies. And in the end, i can finally CONTROL my urge to eat junk food and other sugary treats.

So controlling your OWN mind is probably possible but VERY hard. So get some friends to help you and your sure to accomplish anything.

Seriously, you have no idea how much i loved cookies. Now i look at them and laugh.

They look good though dont they:D?

Have you ever "controlled" your mind?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Mindfull Impression

Does beauty really make a difference among people? Is a nice body or face something that everyone is looking for. Beauty can be implied in many different types of perspetives, for one person beauty can mean one thing and for another person something else.

Beauty is the most stressed upon "characteristic" a human wants to posses. Wheather he or she wants a muscular build, or a nice butt, or sexy and clear skin, everyone has their own desires.
But consider this, in the medival ages, those who were over-weight were considered attractive becuase it meant that his or her family had a lot of money inorder to provide for them the food needed to reach such an appearance.

In todays society, almost everyone wants to be thin and some take it too far and desieses and complications such as aneorexia and bolemia show up in our society. Who says being over-weight is a bad thing? Even if you are completly overweight, that can be quite attractive to some, and repulsive to others.

"Your just not my type, im into big guys," said Chuck in a pretty well known movie, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry." Again showing that beauty is not a concept of if your skinny or of you have nice curves and big muscles.

Beauty is a impression of the mind, and of the body.

As is commonly said, one mans trash is another mans treasure.

Spring Showers

Ahh finally, the first actual spring showers. Drippity drip it goes through the cracks in the roof...but thats okay. Atleast we're all sure that the rain is finally here. I ABSOULTLY love rain. And just because im a guy doesnt mean anything. Rain is fun, you can play, you can dance, you can enjoy and live. Rain is a wonderfull little thing that finally comes to my part of the world every spring.

For those of you lucky enough to live in places where it is warm, lucky you!

But for the US, rain and snow are pretty common. And once the first spring showers finally come, we know its time to get out the spring jackets and maybe even the bathing suits(rain bath anyone?). But dont you just love the sound and feel of rain? Even when i was a kid i used to run outside when it started to rain and play around and hop in puddles and truly have fun. Me and my brother (as smart as we were when we were little) even had water balloon rain. That way none of us would actually win and it would totally be for fun.

As the rain comes, it clenses nature and the earth of the tiny little impurities. Rain brings life, fun, pleasure, and pure out joy to atleast one living creature. Worms for birds, water for everyone and just awesomeness. But rain unfortunatly has its dark sides. Thunder storms which can cause tornadoes and ahh those are scary. But that for a different day. Go our and look out the window and see the beauty of rain!

What do you like to do in the rain?

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Power of Voice

As i sit down last night on my couch and flip on the news, I start watching a nice segament on how the pople of Estonia, dictated, abused, and sometimes killed. All banded togethor and held strong through the power of voice. For them, they sang. They sang when they knew it was safe and they used it as a inspirational tool to stay alive.

The power, of voice, of opinion, and of speech is truly amazing. What starts as a simple no from one person can turn into a rally in front of the capitol building. What starts as a no to a drug dealer can turn into clean and healthy lungs, body, and mind for the rest of your life.

The power of voice is an amazing tool. If used in the right way it can be almost unstopable. As a highschooler, drugs , expecially smoking, is a fairly common thing. A simple "No thanks" from me to a person offering me a cigarette will lead me to not only living up to my dreams. But living. Period. Smoking can cause heart desiese and cancers and lead to a VERY early death.

Even when congress aproves a bill, a no from ONE person can echo throughout the hearts of many other people there and lead to a bill not passing that could have been harmful to our society.

A no, can cause death in some countries. But NEVER in vain. It gets people to open up their heads and think for themselves what is truly right. That is what caused the great nations to be born. Simple no's and the courage with the power of voice to act and to accomplish.

Let your voice be heard!

Whens a time when your voice was heard?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Musical Melody

Ba-da-boom-sha-snap. Go the drums as i hit them with my sticks. Ting-ting goes the cymbal as it is lightly hit by my hand. Music, the sound of it, the love of it, and everything in between it.

Music is a mighty little thing that almost everyone in the world enjoys. But have you ever tried to play music yourself? Its not that hard if you ask me. You just need to have determination and with that you can go anywhere you want to go.

I remember as a kid always banging on my desk and making sounds with my hands. At that time not knowing where this undiscovered talent would take me. But i ended up in a drumming class, and soon after that i was playing music and reaching ears far beyond what i had expected.

To play music is to reach into your soul, pull out your inner most feelings and chanel them through your instrument to ears that will unfortunatly take the sound for granted. But the true music lovers, they will sit and truly enjoy what they hear.

As i started only as a kid, there are many adults who even at the age of 50 with only 1 year of experience surpass me. To play music is pretty hard. But if you want to start, or start again, then go ahead, your determination can take you anywhere.

Have you ever played any music?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kids Rule!

Remember being a kid again, young, and having no worries in the world. As you just sit there with your other friends playing games, try and remember how happy you were.

Being a kid was probably one of the best times in anyones life. You could play without worrying about your boss thinking your wierd. You could eat without packing on the pounds. And you could even do wierd and funny things that no would would think of you as "immature." Being a kid meant you had no worries other than growing up.

The inner kid in you is probably one of the only true happinesses you actually posses. Even if you didnt have a very good childhood, you can still always remember the few or maybe tons of times when you had loads of fun.

Playing games, talking, drawing. The top three pastimes of any kid. Ask any kid what they like to do and most of them will say something along those lines.

If you ever feel a little down or even a bit sad. Go ahead and try to unleash your inner child. You can go take some painting calsses or even just doodle at your desk. Maybe call the guys and have a game of football or "reflex tag." Being a kid again is always fun. Go and check it out!

Me and my brother were really bored one day and we decided to have fun as kids. We ended up pulling our shirts over our knees, and jump on the bed trying to knock each other off. It was actually really fun and we laughed for hours.

Try unleashing YOUR inner child.

What games did you play as a kid that you enjoyed?

Weekend Wakeup

The weekend, a chance to finally lay down at home and rest.

Your muscles are all tired and your brain all worked out. Finally its time to just grab some food and watch tv or go shoping or even catch up on the golfing with friends. Dont you just love em?

As i stumble around in my bed thinking about the school day ahead, and weather or not ive finished my math homework. I suddenly and excitedly realize that its Saturday! I come to my senses and look at my alarm clock witch reads 4:49. Happily i go back to sleep.

I am again woken up later by my dad calling me to wake up. But dont other and fal asleep again. This happens a few times. And my dad gets annoyed.

Finally at around 8:00 i hear my dad comming and decide to finally get up a little bit when SPLASHHHH. Im soaked from head to toe wondering what the *$&% just happened. I look up to see my smiling and laughing dad with a videocamera and a bucket of water.

What a great way to kick of the weekend eh? Atleast we might win something on "Americas Funniest Videos" :D

What do you like to do on the weekends?

Friday, April 4, 2008

School Celebrity

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!

Have you ever meet a celebrity or ever seen one? Well today, we had a little fashion show at school for the 2008 prom. And guess who decided to show up? Nigel Barker! Unknown to me and almost every other guy in the school untill today, hes a photographer for the show "Americas Next Top Model" hosted by Tyra Banks.

The girls went CRAZY. As he walked into the auditorium to say a little something before the show, girls everywhere went crazy. "Hes soooo hot!" most of them said. It was actually kinda funny. But unfortunatly no one could get his autograph and stuff because he has his own personal security, since he went to another highschool easrlier this year and got mobbed basically.

But what are celebs other than over-rated people? Sure someone can act or may look really good or know how to take a picture in this case. But why are clebs worshiped like gods? I absolutly hate walking into a friends room and seeing posters. No no, not of different models. But when its ALL of one "hot" or "amazing" actor or actress of somekind. And when they open their closet its a tiny little shrine with an autograph of them or something.

But do the celebs of today truly deserve this? When most of them are going through early pregnancy's and setting a strange and twisted example for our kids and the future genertions. Why do paparazzi even bother taking millions of pictures trying to get their celeb on the front page when a firefighter or a police office or a citizen saved someones life out there and risked their own lives to do that, are barely getting noticed.

I have to admit im NOT a Hannah Montana fan but for now, her parents are actually raising her to be a future non-britney(no offence to britney lovers) kinda girl. Should we truly let these kinds of people rule over us and deserve our attention that should be givin elsewhere?

Pff...celebs. Most overrated people in the world. Do you agree?

And for those of you who wana see, heres a picture of Nigel.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Goals, everything that everyone strives for. Something that everyone hopes to accomplish and finally when you do its as if the heavens are smiling upon you.

Goals are a very imporatant part of todays society. To have goals is basically to live. Those who have goals actually have a meaning to life and to living a "fulfilling" life by their own standards. Goals are what drive us as humans to do better to be satisfied with ourselves or even to impress someone else.

But why truly do we set goals? We do so even without realizing it.

Goals are the reason the human species has done so well in the short period of time we have been here. Our thinking, reasoning, and our aspirations to strive forward makes us unparelled as a species.

So many things in thw world today would not have existed without these goals. People though, wished, and worked. HARD, with pure blood and sweat, our world today was built from dirt and stone.

So go ahead and set some goals for yourself, and make them REALLLYYY big, sometimes you may not accomplish them but thats no reason to give up. Keep pushing and pushing yourself untill YOU are absoutly positive you have given 110%.

What are some goals you are proud of accomplishing?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Laugh

The cure to almost everything, a wonderous joy, and the pure sound of love.

A laugh, is something you can take with you around the world. Something that you can give and something that you can share. In today's world a simple laugh can mean everything.

To anyone that is feeling sad to them all you need is a laugh. For everyone who feels bad, again a laugh. But what makes us laugh is different. But theres no harm in trying to make someone!

So go ahead, live a little, and laugh a little.

Whats one time when you've laughed a lot?

Lifes Tricks

Life, its what everyone of us live each and every day. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but mostly just TRICKY!

Life can always play tricks and always WILl play tricks on us. But we must be smart and outsmart life. How you ask? That all depends on the kind of situation your in.

Like for example today, i had two tests to take. One in biology and one in math. My biology period comes before math and my test in that class was the easiest test i have ever taken in my life. I was so unbelieveably suprised and happy at the same time. I was sure to get a good grade now.

This event, SHOULD have taught me a lot. Knowing that life is full of opposites, i should have KNOWN that my Math test was going to be the hardest ever. But, unfortuantly i didnt. I should have figured it out and been able to trick life and be more prepared.

Other times, life leads you in the right direction only to find yourself right back where you started. You may think that this is in-fact another life trick. But actually, its just life telling you that whatever you need is right there, on that exact spot that your standing on. Its all inside you.

Tricking life isnt too hard. Just look inside yourself.

Has life ever tricked you?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Day

There comes a day in every year meant specifically for the stange and practicle use of jokes. April Fools Day, a wonderous beauty of those who have comic talent and pure brains to whip out such amazing feats.

For April Fools Day, today wasnt a bad day. Most of the time EXPECIALLY in highschool there are tons of teacher/student pranks going on all the time. But this time it wasnt bad. So me and my friends decide we wanted to do something.

Shortly after school we decided to go what is known as the "Invisible Rope Prank." It basically is a game of tug of war across the street and your goal is to let the car comming think your playing a game and stop the car. The more times this happens, the funnier it is. Heres our inspiration for this trick and a little demonstration on how it works. EnjoY!

Did you do any pranks on April Fools Day?