Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Showers

Ahh finally, the first actual spring showers. Drippity drip it goes through the cracks in the roof...but thats okay. Atleast we're all sure that the rain is finally here. I ABSOULTLY love rain. And just because im a guy doesnt mean anything. Rain is fun, you can play, you can dance, you can enjoy and live. Rain is a wonderfull little thing that finally comes to my part of the world every spring.

For those of you lucky enough to live in places where it is warm, lucky you!

But for the US, rain and snow are pretty common. And once the first spring showers finally come, we know its time to get out the spring jackets and maybe even the bathing suits(rain bath anyone?). But dont you just love the sound and feel of rain? Even when i was a kid i used to run outside when it started to rain and play around and hop in puddles and truly have fun. Me and my brother (as smart as we were when we were little) even had water balloon fights...in rain. That way none of us would actually win and it would totally be for fun.

As the rain comes, it clenses nature and the earth of the tiny little impurities. Rain brings life, fun, pleasure, and pure out joy to atleast one living creature. Worms for birds, water for everyone and just awesomeness. But rain unfortunatly has its dark sides. Thunder storms which can cause tornadoes and ahh those are scary. But that for a different day. Go our and look out the window and see the beauty of rain!

What do you like to do in the rain?

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