Monday, March 31, 2008


For many of us who live in the United States or wherever. The weather outside is finally becomming enjoyable and nice. A time has finally come for us to go outside and enjoy life rather than sit in our houses like trapped dogs.

A time of change has come upon Chicago. For finally the seasons will be warm again, and our favorite drink will change from a hot and frothy cup of hot cocoa to a nice cooling beverage. Soon, we're going to be breaking out the shorts and the girls their mini-skirts and life will become full of color again.

But now, the comming of spring is yet another time that not only is the weather changing but YOU can also change. From bad habbits to better ones, and from a messy house to a much cleaner one. Spring cleaning anyone?

As the snow melts away we find things in the lawn we wouldnt expect to find. Here at my house I found a bowl, 2 spoons, and a plastic fish. Strange eh?

So go out and have some fun! Even scientists will agree upon the fact that warmer weather makes people happier even if they prefer the winter. Enjoy!

P.S Dont forget suntan lotion.

Whats your favorite season?


Shay said...

I'm from Minnesota and for a few weeks I thought spring was just around the corner, and then today I woke up and it was snowing, HARD! All day. I can't wait til summer, it is by far my favorite season, and the warm weather is much needed around here!

Arjun said...

yeahh i definitely agree! I cant wait till its warm again.