Sunday, April 20, 2008

What it means to be determined.

Ah Sundays, the final relaxing day before work for most of us and for me school. The final and last day of the weekend to show the world what you are made of.

As my brother gets ready this morning, screaming at me to get out of bed, my mom starts cooking breakfast and my dad grabs my blanket off of me and pulls my legs until I'm on the floor growling but awake.

My brother has a soccer game today, his first in a LONG time. For soccer, most park districts have half the season in the fall, then a few games and a tournament the next year in the spring.

My brother is SO excited but at the same time hes scared out of his mind. His team just happens to be playing the number 1 team and if they win today, then my brothers team will go from second place to first and get a let-by in the tournament.

This let by is VERY important for his team because otherwise they have to face the number 1 team AGAIN and probably will be eliminated.

The game is off to a slow start, and after the first half, his team is down 5-0. But as they say, ONE thing can make all the difference. As my brothers team gets tackled in the goalie box, they get a free kick, upon making it the team rejoices.

But now its time for the other team to play dirty, play after play *Joseph* (not real name), the one who made the penalty kick and the best player on the team keeps getting tackled and shoved and beaten. But he doesn't give up, and a broken ankle, bloody nose, and black eye later, my brothers team is up 6-5. (Hes a VERY skilled player, wow!)

This goes to show that ANYONE, even with a broken ankle, can accomplish anything if they set their mind to it.

Determination is a powerful tool, can you use it?

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wcgillian said...

Just read the advise you gave to the new blogger. Well done!