Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Time, what keeps the world in play and makes sure that everything happens perfectly in order with the universe. The element that controls our lives even though we may not know it, but it seems as if we are all running out.

"Don't have enough time", "Need more time", "What time should it be done?" are all common questions asked in the workplace. Whether your at school, at home, at work, or even outside. Time is something that we all need a little more.

As Sophomores and Juniors have testing today, the Freshmen(me) and Seniors are off today! And wow, I can't even begin to tell you how good i feel. From waking up completely rested, to not having to worry about homework or projects, and just being able to hang out with my friends and enjoy life.

According to science fact, having "Time" can make the difference between a healthy and a non-healthy person. Often, when rushed you being to feel stressed, tired, sleepy, bored, and sometimes even dizzy. But when you relax, even for one day in a month, it lets your body completely recuperate and let you survive for another month.

Have you ever wondered what those vacation packages are from your work? Well its proven that when you work a lot, indeed you get tired, and sleepy, and bored and therefore don't work as productively as you can. So companies came up with a cleaver method to make more money by giving out vacations so people can go be "re-born."

But the feeling of having time, is amazing. You should DEFINITELY try it sometime.

How much time do you have?

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Ooh, love the blog and thnx for visiting mine! Well, all the teachers here in the UK are on strike on Thursday so that's pretty cool for everyone at school and college. As for me, I'm still slaving away lol. I have very little time. The rest I dedicate to blogging. And TV. LOL

Arjun said...

Ahh lcuky UK. We ALMOST had a strike, but then didnt:(

againstthegrain said...

i've got all the time in the world since im done my exams! woo 4 months of freedom..well i mean work, but still!!

Arjun said...

Haha:D Have fun grain, but working isnt bad, you get $$.

And $$= powerrrrr...:D

Eric said...

Like the blog. I saw your post regarding it on the blogger forum. Check out my blog.

Arjun said...

Thanks eric, i like urs too, not bad!