Saturday, April 12, 2008

Global Warming, Chicago Cooldown

Spring, a time to rejoice and finally be happy with nature. Life gets warmer and you get happier and the birds finally start to tweet in the morning.

This morning was strange, the usual calls of the birds were not heard as i woke up. This could have been because i woke up later obviously since its the weekend or unfortunately something else. As i get a cup of milk and a cookie and sit down and turn on the television. The weather lady is telling us that Chicago probably will get snow today.

I keep thinking to myself this is a joke but as i actually listen more. Wow i cannot believe what I'm hearing and seeing.

Chicago....its April. Its FINALLY after the HUGE amounts of snow we got this winter we're supposed to get More?! An expected 1-2 inches by tonight. This really "grinds my gears." (for those family guy fans)

For all those who are living in a warmer climate, i am 110% jealous. After the most snowfall EVER in a Chicago winter, we are supposed to get even more in APRIL. Whens the last time i remember that happening? Never.

If the world is truly warming, Chicago is unfortunately cooling.

Whats the weather like down where you live?

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Laura said...

I know exactly how you feel! I live in Canada, and the same things happening. It's April for god’s sake! The snow is supposed to be gone! What’s happening!?!

Oh, and the family guy quote.. HAHAH! I love family guy.

Your blogs are interesting. . . I’ll keep my eye on them. You can check out my blog too (I need some comments… but I only have one post:)

Arjun said...

Hehe mmk:D
But yeah, i HATE snow ahh:(

againstthegrain said...

Well down here in the land of Canada, city of Toronto, backyard of yours truly, its all gross and cloudy outside. Rainstorms are brewin and overflowing on the city and kids are stare'n outside their windows for Mr. Sun to come out.

Arjun said...

Ahh Sun, how much i miss him.

Same for chicago though, its been probably 2 days since the IVE seen the sun..

Going to school b4 the sun is up, back home after its down. Fun stuff eh?

Tommy Quest said...

I am in sunny Orlando. It is in the 71 at 2AM right now, but we are expecting a cool down next week, with AM temps in the 40's. That sucks!

Anonymous said...

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