Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kids Rule!

Remember being a kid again, young, and having no worries in the world. As you just sit there with your other friends playing games, try and remember how happy you were.

Being a kid was probably one of the best times in anyones life. You could play without worrying about your boss thinking your wierd. You could eat without packing on the pounds. And you could even do wierd and funny things that no would would think of you as "immature." Being a kid meant you had no worries other than growing up.

The inner kid in you is probably one of the only true happinesses you actually posses. Even if you didnt have a very good childhood, you can still always remember the few or maybe tons of times when you had loads of fun.

Playing games, talking, drawing. The top three pastimes of any kid. Ask any kid what they like to do and most of them will say something along those lines.

If you ever feel a little down or even a bit sad. Go ahead and try to unleash your inner child. You can go take some painting calsses or even just doodle at your desk. Maybe call the guys and have a game of football or "reflex tag." Being a kid again is always fun. Go and check it out!

Me and my brother were really bored one day and we decided to have fun as kids. We ended up pulling our shirts over our knees, and jump on the bed trying to knock each other off. It was actually really fun and we laughed for hours.

Try unleashing YOUR inner child.

What games did you play as a kid that you enjoyed?

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Tairebabs said...

Oh I played lost of games ranging from hide and seek to video games. Truly growing up was fantastic. I had a good childhood. Loads of fun and games. You hardl worry about stuff like money and what people think about you. You just have fun!

Nice blog!