Saturday, April 5, 2008

Weekend Wakeup

The weekend, a chance to finally lay down at home and rest.

Your muscles are all tired and your brain all worked out. Finally its time to just grab some food and watch tv or go shoping or even catch up on the golfing with friends. Dont you just love em?

As i stumble around in my bed thinking about the school day ahead, and weather or not ive finished my math homework. I suddenly and excitedly realize that its Saturday! I come to my senses and look at my alarm clock witch reads 4:49. Happily i go back to sleep.

I am again woken up later by my dad calling me to wake up. But dont other and fal asleep again. This happens a few times. And my dad gets annoyed.

Finally at around 8:00 i hear my dad comming and decide to finally get up a little bit when SPLASHHHH. Im soaked from head to toe wondering what the *$&% just happened. I look up to see my smiling and laughing dad with a videocamera and a bucket of water.

What a great way to kick of the weekend eh? Atleast we might win something on "Americas Funniest Videos" :D

What do you like to do on the weekends?

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Tairebabs said...

Ahhhh weekends! If there ever where a time I would call sacred, weekend are it. I try as much as possible to get as much sleep as I can but often enough I end up watching loads of tv and hanging out with one or two friends. Most days I wish there was an extra day apart from saturday and sunday. May be it would have been called satsunday!