Monday, April 14, 2008

Societies Rules

Mondays, don't ya just love em?

But anyway, today while i was at school, an interesting article was proposed to me about Societies Rules. In other words, basically the laws in which society governs us as humans and as ourselves.

Sexism , racism, everything-ism, all exist in our society today. But do we as people accept certain things and stereotypes as human nature or are we taught and raised to be (sex,race,everything)-ist.

According to the article, we as the babies we used to be, were fed information and misguiding things that in the end resulted in our mixed and imperfect society. Everything from cartoons such as Looney Toons where often "black"-ness is frowned upon and people who are "black" are often stupid and not very educated such as Silvester(Tweety bird's cat.) and daffy duck. And even in far reaching things such as Disney where Peter Pan and his fairy are seen as models for healthy an good looking human beings. Then in other shows if watched carefully you learn that the entire show and series is all about making money. Is that telling kids that making money is the only way of being successful in life?

As we look into the things we did as kids now, we come across somethings that we realize had a different meaning, some shows portrayed men as being superior to women. And why are all famous and great cartoon characters all men. Again, is media and society raising us even when we are 5 and twisting our little minds into thinking such things?

Women in most cartoons or shows we watched as kids are always shown as "Bunny" or Playboy cover folds. Another coincidence or is something going on here?

As kids, many of us see, hear, and do things that in the future may have a strange outcome on us. Until today i never would have thought of cartoons being able to inflict permanent stereotypes and misunderstandings into a child.

Do you think that media and society could have such a big impact on a child?

He doesnt look that harmfull to me...

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gkan64 said...

Great blog Arjun. You do seem to have a point there about the potrayal of cartoon characters.

Arjun said...

Thanks, how you enjoyed my blog!

againstthegrain said...

its true, crazy how even cartoons influence us. that baby einstein shiz, is off the crazyness i mean.

ps thanks for the comments!

KTEM said...

Wow, that's really interesting... I never thought about it that way before!

Anonymous said...

Gender roles and stereotypes are taught and reinforced through many avenues.

In addition to television and the media, children learn from their parents and other authority figures. School teachers may also help to reinforce even the simplest of stereotypes, such as girls not being good at math. There have been studies that have shown that teachers are more prone to selecting their male students to answer math questions and thereby reinforcing that boys are better at math.

Why don't toy stores sell toy vacuum cleaners and brooms/mops packaged and directed towards young boys instead of girls?

If you walk through a toy store and pay attention to the packaging of the products, and which products are being targeted at which gender, you will see that these "rules" and "expectations" of what each gender should do and how they should be behave is strictly reinforced, even in such a fun and child-oriented environment.

Arjun said...

Wow christie, ill definitely look next time.

Thanks for reading guys:D