Friday, April 4, 2008

School Celebrity

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!

Have you ever meet a celebrity or ever seen one? Well today, we had a little fashion show at school for the 2008 prom. And guess who decided to show up? Nigel Barker! Unknown to me and almost every other guy in the school untill today, hes a photographer for the show "Americas Next Top Model" hosted by Tyra Banks.

The girls went CRAZY. As he walked into the auditorium to say a little something before the show, girls everywhere went crazy. "Hes soooo hot!" most of them said. It was actually kinda funny. But unfortunatly no one could get his autograph and stuff because he has his own personal security, since he went to another highschool easrlier this year and got mobbed basically.

But what are celebs other than over-rated people? Sure someone can act or may look really good or know how to take a picture in this case. But why are clebs worshiped like gods? I absolutly hate walking into a friends room and seeing posters. No no, not of different models. But when its ALL of one "hot" or "amazing" actor or actress of somekind. And when they open their closet its a tiny little shrine with an autograph of them or something.

But do the celebs of today truly deserve this? When most of them are going through early pregnancy's and setting a strange and twisted example for our kids and the future genertions. Why do paparazzi even bother taking millions of pictures trying to get their celeb on the front page when a firefighter or a police office or a citizen saved someones life out there and risked their own lives to do that, are barely getting noticed.

I have to admit im NOT a Hannah Montana fan but for now, her parents are actually raising her to be a future non-britney(no offence to britney lovers) kinda girl. Should we truly let these kinds of people rule over us and deserve our attention that should be givin elsewhere?

Pff...celebs. Most overrated people in the world. Do you agree?

And for those of you who wana see, heres a picture of Nigel.


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Sigourney said...

Hello, i noticed you advertised a blog which you said is about growing up and living as an adult. Your blog about celebrities is a nice insight, but what would be more interesting is if you'd write a bit more about your own insight in life... you know something a bit more personal? Just a suggestion since your advertisement on the help group really did catch my eye.

Arjun said...

Sure no problem, i noticed that before and im going to start doing that as you probably have read my post on celebs. Him visiting my school actually happened:D

liveplayer said...

I'm voting for RON PAUL..

Do a search and read about this great AMERICAN.

I wish he was on your list of choices.. poll

Nice blog btw

Arjun said...

ohh i thought he dropped out of the running?

And sorry now, i cant change it because people have already voted.

Sorry and thanks for likeing my blog:D