Sunday, April 13, 2008

Movies? Not anymore...

Movies, the fun felt "freeing" thing of the 21st century. As we step into the theatre the smell of popcorn and of butter fill our nostrils as our body completely gets possessed by the senses of the theatre.

As we buy our tickets, the adrenaline fills our bodies as we look forward to the great movie experience ahead. We find the best seats, sit down, and its time for a great show.

How many times has this happened to you but you walk out of the theatre disappointed and sad.

To me at least, quite more often than not. Are movies still what they used to be? People used to sit down at the movies and enjoy a truly great show. Along with other things such as circus acts, talent shows, and the premiere movie for a measly 5c. But now as movie tickets keep on climbing, the quality of the movies is getting worse and worse in my opinion. People keep walking out "Oh, it looked good in the commercials!"

Last night as i sat down with my family to watch a Indian movie, we were hoping for the best. As this was the current number 1 box office hit in India. And trust me, watching a Indian movie in the US is a BIG thing. They are LONG movies. Usually around 3-4 hours and even 6 hours at the most. So unless a movie was a big-time hit there was no way we were going to watch it over here.

It was the biggest waste of time in my life. The movie "One, Two, Three" was TERRIBLE. It was a sad attempt at a comedy. To me, some Indian movies when i was little were actually good. We went to the nearest store and usually picked up 3-4 movies and NEVER were dissapointed. But now, we're lucky to see even one good one every few months even though Indian Bollywood makes the most movies ever year.

Movies used to be great, a fun and relazing time to enjoy yourself and be with your family. But now, its just not as good.

Some movies are great, but most are not. Atleast, in my opinion.

What do you think about movies?

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Rose DesRochers said...

Movies are certainly not what they use to. I have seen a few movies that have left me wondering what the producer was thinking.

Arjun said...

Exactly, i miss the old movies:(

Sugarbelly said...

I've boycotted movie theatres about 3 years ago. I only download. It's free, It's quiet, I can pause when I need to. If I don't like It, I just delete It, no big loss. And If It's a big movie, screeners come out really fast so I don't have to worry about cams. It's win win really. And If there lucky and make a good movie, I'll buy the DVD.

Arjun said...

good thinking. Ill try that sometime sugar.