Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Natural Pain Killer

Well for all those of you who know that my mom had surgery today on her knee, shes back home and doing well!

After school today, my dad picked me up and we went to the hospital to check on my mom. And well, i personally do NOT like hospitals because first of all all the sick people and dying people and ahh its scary!

But it was kinda cool, because somehow me and my dad ended up near the emergency room and this guy is being rushed in because he got shot in the leg. (Ouch!) But i hear the doctor near me laughing and talking to another doctor saying something like "He's just in shock, he can't even feel the pain." And i hear that and do a double-take like say what?

Apparently "pain" is a signal sent by one nerve to another. And unlike other signals this one has to "jump" from one nerve to the next one in order to get to the brain. The doctor was explaining this to me as he laughed again when he saw me double-take.

So if your body is in pain, and your normal functionality is being reduced to a certain extent, your body "blocks" the bridge of the two nerves like a draw bridge. And to me, like whoa, that's pretty cool!

But it explains why after surgery patients tend to sleep and when they wake start screaming like few week old babies.

But this truly shows us the power and might of our bodies. Pretty cool don't ya think?

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