Wednesday, April 30, 2008


24/7/365, the first time Ive ever looked at numbers and stared in wonder and in surprise. Hmm i said to myself as i walked into my English class.

And knowing me, it was time to actually think it out, 24/7/365. DUH?! Life. It looked me in the face but i thought to myself that that was too simple. And i realized finally what it was near the middle of the period with a smug smile on my face.


As we sleep, as we dream, as we wake and do things. There's always something that will be there with us all the time. Nope, not our best friends, not money, or our parents. But our thought.

The way us humans think is 10 times more advanced than the closest species to us. We have to ability to learn, to govern, to ponder, to wonder, to create, and to do what our hearts desire.

From a neurosurgeon where a single stab can change a persons life, to a homeless man who must figure out a way to survive. Our thought not only gets us into problems, but out of them as well.

If we learn to control our thoughts, we learn to control our behavior, our actions, and we gain total and utter control over our bodies. Some may think this is already what we do everyday. But think NOT to the big things, but to the little things. Can we stop eating when we feel like it? Can we accomplish everything we wish to accomplish?

The mind is our best friend and our worst enemy. Is it your friend?

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Joy said...

Wow, deep stuff. Might keep me up thinking for a while....THANKS! jk!

Arjun said...