Monday, March 31, 2008


For many of us who live in the United States or wherever. The weather outside is finally becomming enjoyable and nice. A time has finally come for us to go outside and enjoy life rather than sit in our houses like trapped dogs.

A time of change has come upon Chicago. For finally the seasons will be warm again, and our favorite drink will change from a hot and frothy cup of hot cocoa to a nice cooling beverage. Soon, we're going to be breaking out the shorts and the girls their mini-skirts and life will become full of color again.

But now, the comming of spring is yet another time that not only is the weather changing but YOU can also change. From bad habbits to better ones, and from a messy house to a much cleaner one. Spring cleaning anyone?

As the snow melts away we find things in the lawn we wouldnt expect to find. Here at my house I found a bowl, 2 spoons, and a plastic fish. Strange eh?

So go out and have some fun! Even scientists will agree upon the fact that warmer weather makes people happier even if they prefer the winter. Enjoy!

P.S Dont forget suntan lotion.

Whats your favorite season?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Pen Stroke

The pen, a modern marvel of ingenuity and communication. Most of us use it every day without even taking into consideration the presiousness of such and object. Only when our favorite one is gone do we realize how much we actually need our pen.

A simple pen stroke can declare war on a city, on a nation, the stroke can decide weather to pull the plug or not. Between life or death and between laws passing or not. This simple thing can determine wheather or not we graduate. Or if we get the job. The ultimate authority is giving to us through the pen stroke. Individual to each and every person, their own stroke, their own will. Always comming out through the tip, in lovely ink needlessly flowing from our soul onto paper.

We must take into importance the meaning of tiny little things. For they can change our entire world. To truly enjoy and to live life, is to take nothing for granted.

Have you ever taken anything for granted?


The ultimate drem of any aspiring young man or woman. The final achievement of our human race, the corner stone of the new generation. The final ahievement before retirement. Work.

We spend all our lives working to work even more. Why though I simply ask. Why cant we sit back and enjoy being out of school finally and not have to worry about rent, taxes, or paying for our kids and people we love. We work for money, for glamour, for fame. We all have one driving inspiration to make as much money as possible so we can have a comfortable retirement.

People say life doesnt truly start till after college, once you finally start to work you realize the value of money. But i say, life doesnt start till retirement. Where you can finally sit back, relax, and truly enjoy the show.

In this simple reasoning you can definitely see the massive flaws in our society. We work at our prime, when we should be enjoying life. Then when we are old and often too old to do anything but sit. We get to slowly rock back and forth in our rocking chairs waiting for the dust of time to finally take our souls. So truely, most of us, never get to FULLY enjoy our lives. Sad eh?

What do you do for a living?


Notes, the most annoying yet helpfull thing to do in the world. Sitting there listening, reading and writing down what may in-fact determine your future. A small word missed and it could destroy your dreams and a sentence or two phrased wrong would definitely doom you.

As your smooth and silky pencil moves across the page, you must focus on the main ideas, and the little ones behind them. Organize your thoughs wisely, while at the same time trying to pay attention and make sure you miss nothing.

I definitely dis-like taking notes, though however helpfull they may be, for a human mind like mine. Its almost imposible to achieve perfection in the world of note-taking.

Got any tips for me?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour

Hey everyone! For everyone that doesnt know, today is Earth Hour.

Millions of cities around the world are going to shut off the power for about 1 hour only supplying power to airports, hospitals, and other important facilities. Go google your city or ask a neighbor if your city is participating. If not, then just join the crowd at the right time and turn off your houses power fr an hour or so.

Most people think that one hour cant do anything. But if you think about it, there are about 7-19 lighbulbs in the average household, each consuming lets say about 10 volts per hour. So per household its about 70-190 volts saved. Now, there are about 1-2 MILLION households per major city. And on top of that, there are over a million cities participating. Saving enough energy to power a New York sized city for a few thousand years. So do your part in keeping our Earth a nice and friendly place to live.

At the same time, go ahead and make friends with your neighbor living in another continent doing the same thing as you. Not only is this a chance to save energy and fuel and make the Earth a better place.

But its a chance to come togethor, not as a group, not as a nation, but as a world.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Wake Up Call

Mornings, dont you just love em?

As you slowly awake a few minutes before your alarm clock goes off due to your bodies "memory" of waking up all the time, the birds chirping beautifully and the splish splash of the raindrops on your window. You think about life a little, what you could do better, what you could do less, how to make it better in general. You roll to the side looking at the little shimmer of sunlight just barely peaking through your curtins. BAM BAM BAM BEEP your alarm clock suddenly goes. Your eyes now fully awake ralizing the pain in your hip because you have fallen off the bed due to the sudden suprise of the only one thing that can ruin such a beautiful moment.

This was my morning today, how was yours?

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sadness, we've all experienced it somewhere or another. Sometime, some place, somehow we all have. But people say that they have never been sad, why? Who knows. But for sure its not true. To be sad is basically to be a human. Sure you can have the best life ever. But still, you HAVE to be sad. With sadness we can make new friends by consuling in the help of others. With sadness and grief we can learn to move on and to live.

Sadness as horrible as it may seem, in the end will ALWAYS make us happy. It will make us stronger as people and let us connect with others who we always thought hated us. The realization of life is through the realization of sadness.

To those who havent ever been sad. 2 things.
1) Yeah right
2) Sucks to be you.

Its one more thing, that makes each and everyone of us a human.

Your Inner Self

There are people in this world who feel trapped, or mis-guided, or something evil or bad is wrong with them. But truly, its not that you feel this way, but its that you are not who are truly think you are.

Your inner self is the true you and you MUST follow your OWN heart and own assumptions about life. Sure, you may not be right sometimes. But dont let that stop you from being who you really are.

Happiness comes in many different flavors. Being yourself...thats one of em.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Your Vote

For all those people out there who decide not to vote because they think their one vote make any difference. Heres to you:

Most people think that one vote wont be able to change the outcome of anything. But truly, it can make all the difference. There are people who decide to not vote beause they think their canidate is going to loose anyway. But then when they actually due loose, they think to themselves happily for not going out to vote. As the time approaches though, that one vote COULD have made all the difference. For think on a national many people dont vote, and what kind of difference almost 40%+ of America and ALL other countries could have made.

Please vote, let your voice be heard!