Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Bus Ride

For all those of you wondering why i didn't post anything yesterday, its because my school went to state for Math Club, kinda nerdy but it was fun!

Anyway, so as you walk through your daily life, there's always those people who you wish you knew more, or you wish you knew more about. Nowadays, for guys, its girls, and for girls, its guys! But there's always that feeling of "Would he/she be a good friend?" and for some "Would he/she be a good life partner."

As we all try to get to know others better and better, most of us forget about the people we're already with. The people we already know and love. Our family, our friends, for me , my teams, and the closest people to me.

And this is where the bus ride comes in, as it was a 4 hour drive from Chicago to U of I it was a great way to just sit back and relax with the people you know. But the ride there was LAME. No one talked or anything, most people just slept or ate stuff. And wow it couldn't have been more boring.

But then, after we arrived and people went to their events to compete in, the "left overs" were left behind. And the events were LONG. So as people talked, they became better friends, and started having more fun.

After we did very well, placing like 11th or something in the state, we decided to have some fun.

It turns out that the bus had a "iPod" jack for us to plug iPods into. And you have no idea what happened after that. We started dancing, on the BUS! Talking, being friends, and coming together more as what we were supposed to be, a Team.

For the first time this entire year, we actually came together and had fun. Not as a club, not as a team, and not even as friends. But as a family.

So most of you are like yeah, who cares? But this can be taken into advise to get to know your OWN family better. Instead of taking a plane, drive. And find out some common interests that you can have fun with.

Make friends with your family, THEN with everyone else.

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