Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Self- Mind Control

We all know the mind is a pretty powerful weapon. As people start to convince their own mind of things a lot of things can happen.

Take for example a popular fox show "House M.D", there is one episode in which people on a plane start to develop weird diseases just because they THINK they have them. And also the mysterious cases of "stigmata" or marks made by God, some think are caused due to the impression of the mind.

So can we truly twist our minds and take full advantage of our bodies?

Experts say yes, but society says no. People say its way to hard to convince yourself that your strong and maybe develop some muscles (or at least some self-confidence) and definitely way too hard to stop habits even if you try.

Nutritionists say that the number one cause of a failed diet is people not being able to control previous urges or bad habits that developed over the course of years.

But me, a student , not exactly an expert and not exactly blending in well with society have to agree that you can but only to a certain extent. I recently tried to put a stop to my habit of eating too many cookies. For the past few years, as my schools have changed, the food available has also changed. As i enter high school i find myself spending CRAZY amounts of money on food that could have gone to a better cause.

At one point i decided that HAD to stop. I kept on trying to convince myself i wasn't hungry when i was about to go and buy a cookie. It worked some of the time but most of the time i gave in to my desires.

As the months progresses and the money kept flowing down the drain (I have home lunches , so all i buy is cookies and other bad stuff:D), i realized that the times i DID NOT buy a cookie was not because i had convinced myself i was hungry. But instead it was because i got distracted due to a funny or interesting conversation with my friends.

So later on again i try this but with a twist. If I am going to go buy a cookie i made SURE i tell my friend. And he being stronger, faster, and more intimidating than even my own dad says no. And sooner or later, it turned into him and a LOT of other people saying no.

Peer pressure, self peer pressure i guess turned into a effective weapon to dissolve and eliminate my hunger pains. As weeks went by with no cookies my mind and body got used to the fact that i was not buying cookies. And in the end, i can finally CONTROL my urge to eat junk food and other sugary treats.

So controlling your OWN mind is probably possible but VERY hard. So get some friends to help you and your sure to accomplish anything.

Seriously, you have no idea how much i loved cookies. Now i look at them and laugh.

They look good though dont they:D?

Have you ever "controlled" your mind?

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