Monday, April 21, 2008

A Helping Hand

From falling down, to dropping your things, you have no idea the difference a simple helping hand can make.

Being a Monday, school wasn't exactly the greatest today. As i bored-ly walked through biology and my other classes, i wasn't having a great day.

Then during one of my passing periods, one of my friends hit me on the back and BOOM. Almost EVERYTHING in my bag goes FLYING. But out of nowhere, the whole hallway just stops, as some people walk by, some people laugh, and others just say "Freshman" with a snug look on their face, most stop and actually help me out.

Pretty big surprise for me, i thought most people in this world don't really care THAT much about one another. But everyone makes mistakes:D

Parents raise you and tell you "Don't talk with strangers" but one, then you can't make friends, and two, you'll never know what it feels like to help someone in need.

To me, most of my days aren't crummy, and just a small helping hand picking up my books and papers was enough to make my entire day better.

Happiness is what makes the world turn and what makes others around you smile and feel happy. So go ahead, give a helping hand.

Whether its donating to the poor, or giving to the Salvation Army, helping out at a food shelter, or even just helping someone across the street, go and see how happy it can make someone, and YOU.

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Grandma Julia said...

With young people like you, there is much hope to the future I would not live long to see. Keep it up. Stay on track.

Matt said...

Very nice message, Arjun. And yes, few things in life make you feel as good as when you take the time to lend a helping hand, especially if you don't even know the person. Keep up th egood work.

Arjun said...

Thanks to both of you:D

And Juila, no matter what, living and dying is reality, but what matters is if you live on in others hearts.

Christoff said...

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Keep it up!