Monday, July 7, 2008

Computer Woes

As much as we would like, we cant really blog without a computer. And as mine is broken ( writing this from a library,) a new one is on its way.

A heafty sum of cash is sure to make this blog a back soon guys. says mi computer order is currently in the factory! :D

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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Precious Feelings

We talk, we read, we learn, we live, and we ponder. We do things everyday that we don't even give a second thought to. But we don't truly learn the value of anything until we actually lose it. Why? I don't know, but it's definitely true.

As my normally quiet, nice, loving, and fun mom drives the car, tears run down her eyes as the pain of her leg fills her body with terrible feeling. She quietly continues to drive, trying to be strong, trying to not let her sons see, trying to feel how she used to feel, normal.

My mom, a wonderful lady, can't even drive the car anymore due to a recent knee surgery as some of you may know about. What she learned on the cold and dark nights with my dad when she came to America, has been lost. She regrets all the things she can't do now for a few more months as she recovers. No more soccer games, no more driving, no more taking her own sons to places, having to ultimately rely on someone else.

A few days before my mom's surgery. I was speechless. Literally. For i had the crazy case of the hiccups, and the doctor couldn't do anything about it. My normally very talkative self had to rely on typing and writing notes on post-its. My hiccups made me sound like a crazy llama(why i chose this? Dunno.) But i couldn't do anything about it, the doctors office wasn't going to be open until the day after, and it wasn't exactly a emergency or anything to my parents. They we're kinda happy i wasn't talking. (I LOVE to talk...a LOT.)

But as the day went on and on, my hand became sore from the constant writing i had to do, it was a pain in the butt and i wasn't enjoying any part of it. I was tired, bored, and wished that the hiccup would go away. And finally, near the night of that horrifying day, the doctor called and told my mom to get some Benedryll. For it could be an allergic reaction.

And THANK GOODNESS, it was, and a few drowsy hours later, i could speak again.

My mom lost her ability to drive, but learned from it, and i lost my ability to talk.

Though not forever, only for a day for me, and a few months for my mom. Imagine the people who have lost those abilities permanently. Don't mock the disabled, or laugh at them. Feel the pain in their hearts to see people doing the things they used to be able to.

Have you ever lost something precious?

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Memory Gift

The gift of memory, a wonderful little thing that allow us humans to function, communicate, live life, and learn. As we walk throughout our daily lives, there are skills we must learn, there are things we must do, and all of everything we do requires memory.

From the stupidest people to the smartest, IQ is not a measure of brain, its a measure of memory. How much can you remember? What can you remember? And to what detail? are the questions that determine how smart you actually are.

But, memory does come at a price, the price of pain.

While sitting at home with my family on Friday evening, listening to the droplets of rain drizzle down the gutters and the billowing of the heat coming from the air ducts, we sit down quietly and focus our attention to the most interesting thing in the room. The TV.

20/20, one of our favorite shows on ABC, its a good show to watch and you actually get something out of it when your done, try watching it sometime. But the segment we were interested in was "The Woman Who Can't Forget", the title of the book that's coming out this week. She, is truly, the woman who cant forget.

At the age of 12, she realized that she was living two lives. Different, sure. Unique, definitely. She was living one life in the past, and one in the present. Not only did she know everything that she did yesterday, but she knows everything she has experienced, the emotion, everything shes ever seen, heard, or wanted to remember. There are only a few things that she doesn't know.

Shes amazed the experts, dazzled the people she knows. But to herself, she has done nothing.

For memory of everything, yes you remember all the good things, but unfortunately all the bad things as well.

For you see, in a human life, there are things we all regret. But SHE can remember those things, we remember them dumbed down a bit, making them not as bad. But she, she remembers the exact words, the emotion, the feeling, the thought, and everything that happened. For she, is the woman who cant forget.

So, would you want to have unforgettable memory?

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