Thursday, April 3, 2008


Goals, everything that everyone strives for. Something that everyone hopes to accomplish and finally when you do its as if the heavens are smiling upon you.

Goals are a very imporatant part of todays society. To have goals is basically to live. Those who have goals actually have a meaning to life and to living a "fulfilling" life by their own standards. Goals are what drive us as humans to do better to be satisfied with ourselves or even to impress someone else.

But why truly do we set goals? We do so even without realizing it.

Goals are the reason the human species has done so well in the short period of time we have been here. Our thinking, reasoning, and our aspirations to strive forward makes us unparelled as a species.

So many things in thw world today would not have existed without these goals. People though, wished, and worked. HARD, with pure blood and sweat, our world today was built from dirt and stone.

So go ahead and set some goals for yourself, and make them REALLLYYY big, sometimes you may not accomplish them but thats no reason to give up. Keep pushing and pushing yourself untill YOU are absoutly positive you have given 110%.

What are some goals you are proud of accomplishing?


teenvogueB said...

Seems like you are new too.
I am too. I was just reading
blogs and yours was really
interesting. The one about Goals.
I like. I actually never notice
why I even set goals. I just do it
because its something I want and succeed at.

Just giving a feed back.

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