Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Angry Neighbor

Ah! We all know what a bad neighbor is and thankfull most of us dont have to live near one. But unfortunatly for me, i do.

My neighbor is HORRIBLE. Even though he has kids too, it seems as if he always dislikes kids and will never like them again.

It totally stinks to be me, im faced with police mostly, his wife, and him every single summer. Or whenever ir gets warm. My neighbor has some kind of property issue of his. Hes like a 3 year old in the "this is mine" stage. He never wants me or my brother to even THINK about touching his property. And being kids we play tennis and basketball and soccer and ufortunatly the ball rolls on his driveway sometimes.

We're about to go get it an suddenly the door opens "Get off my property!" says my neighbor in a raggedy old indian accented voice. And we cant really do much at that point...

Anyone in law know the legal restrictions on him and us if the ball simply just rolls into his driveway?

Anyway though, whats your neighbor like?


Kingindian said...

if you hate your neighbour
i think you can try to play PC games neighbour from hell..
thats a funny game

Sugarbelly said...

I would ignore him, continue to get your ball(as long as there's no fence or posts with keep out signs) and If he dares touch you or even says something hurtful or upsetting, call the cops on him. Every time.
Or, continue to knock on his door and ask him to get your ball. Eventually he'll just let you get It yourself cause he's to lazy.
Hopefully any ways lol.

Jay said...

personally I love getting revenge on these type of people, but that's just me.

Arjun said...

Haha i agree with you jay. An as for you sugar thanks for the idea....hes yelled at me multiple times and even threatened to kill me.

Sept police say hes got no gun...:D

againstthegrain said...

Haha. Wow. Thats funny cause when I was like 7, I remember playing with my next door neighbours and our tennis ball would always land on his front yard. Now, he was definetly a creepy guy, only peered out through the windows, never saw him except through the blinds. Then one time we dared to get our tennis ball and he grabbed my neighbour by the arm and threw him to the curb (not literally, but). Though now, being almost triple that age, I think he's turned out to be ..kind of nice. I haven't talkd to him..but I've seen him more. Neighbour stories, I have too many, haha. Heres a good one. We grew up with a family next door to us for , most of my life really, they just moved away a couple years ago. Anyways they had two kids that would always spend time at my house and the little one, the boy he was a bit of a brat. I love kids though, don't get me wrong..but anyways he definetly enjoyed bothering me as he peed infront of my door twice and on my leg once. Yep. What a...little "adorable kid." But whats that saying.."love thy neighbour"..yeah..not so much