Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thoughts and Actions

We go around everyday obviously thinking and doing tons of things. But all of us, even the crazy man across the street, have or have had thoughts that we just COULDN'T implement into actions.

I found this out today as in one of my classes we discusses making and starting a business. We wanted this, wanted that, and wanted even more stuff. But knowing more about business than others in my class probably and about websites etc etc, i knew that we couldn't even do HALF of the things we were planning on doing.

Discovering that what you WANT to do and what you CAN do is quite a strange feeling. Often times people go about their daily lives doing things just because they think it will lead to another. Such as stock investors, many people invest to make millions. Some do, but most don't. Others even start businesses with a "original" idea. But it turns out they spend thousands to make something but then it doesn't sell. At all.

It feels weird when you find out what you wanted isn't true. Have you ever had it when you haven't meet someone or haven't been to someones house. But people keep telling you things about it, and you get some sort of an image in your head. But when you actually meet them, or go there, your image is completely destroyed with a worse, RARELY better one.

Then there's always the bad thoughts that usually don't go into action. Want to kill someone? Well please don't, and morals and ethics rush into MOST people's heads and they maintain the peace.

So, thinking and NOT being able to do,

Good or bad?

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Trish said...

Okay, in response to your comment on my blog: We need a better google. We should add that to our Top 5 list. :)

As far as class goes, you made some good points-- some really good points. From the outside looking in, it appeared that your arguments (though valid)may have simply come a little too early. Perhaps there is a time for brainstorming and dreaming up all the possiblities...and then a time for narrowing the focus down and looking at what can realistically be accomplished?

I can't help but notice that your previous post discusses thought and how humans are capable of doing so much due to our ability to think. Let's apply that concept to today's class situation. Maybe some things ARE outside of the realm of what can be accomplished...but maybe we can learn and think through some of the things we don't know right now. Maybe people will help us. It's possible.

Last, the way you think may be a huge benefit to the class if you all want to continue the project. You could represent the legal side of the group. I noticed that you tend to think in a logical format and look for potential problems with the group's logic. That seems You may be able to act as the legal department or group lawyer. You could look for potential errors in logic and research ways to counteract those errors. Again, it's just a thought.

Hey, what are you thinking about for your career project? Any ideas, yet?

Arjun said...

Im kinda iffy about Lawyer or Cardiologist.

Trish said...

Iffy, like "thinking about it"?


Iffy, like "I would rather suck dirty pond water through my nose via a straw previously used by a preschooler with a bad head cold"?

R. Almares said...

Not being able to do something is an extreme that should only be limited to things that are constant. For example, if you only grow to be 5'8" at maturity, you aren't going to grow to be 6'5". That is constant. Now to say that you can't make it in the NBA because of your height is only relative. You may make it and you may not, but that doesn't mean that you absolutely cannot.

One way to definitely fail is to believe you cannot do something. If you never believe you can succeed, you aren't giving yourself a chance to succeed.

Keep up the writing, you may be successful at it one day.

Arjun said...

Nice idea, thanks:D

Veronica said...

I like the way you think, you are positive, logical is one of the people who called you that way. Continue like this, a big hug from the basic side of life, LOVE