Monday, May 5, 2008

Artificial Life? Crazy?!

A few weeks ago as i sit at home pondering what do do on a beautiful day, i click away on my computer trying to find something fun. As i open up IE, Yahoo! opens up to my eyes.

What i see after that sickens me and wants me to question everything. For you see, on the first page there was an article about Artificial Life. All about how scientists and a bunch of other people are trying to re-create life.

And that just made me go " Say WHAT?!"

It angered me on how most of the world's population spends their entire life in some sort of search for God, and now, as crazy as we might be, want to play the ultimate part. Sure people want to have power and love having things that come along with it. But have we gone too far?

They claim that this will help people in order to become more of the humans they wish to be, it can cause changes, mentally and physically without harming you or with the side effects.

WHY? I ask the world and you, would anyone want this? I honestly see no reason to have such a strange and weird thing for the world to use. Artificial life. Like how crazy can you get?

I can understand stem cell research and kinda but not really understand how you can choose the sex of your baby, but to this i say : STOP trying to be God.

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Anonymous said...

Thats true.. these ppl r getting obsessed with playing god. I mean honestly they cant possibly believe that something like this will help ppl??? Don't they know millions of ppl in underdeveloped n developing countries don't even have access to basic vaccines.. leave alone any profit from "artificial life experiments"
So plzz don't give "helping ppl" as the reason behind ur insanity.

Arjun said...

Totally agree:D

Rose said...

What ever happen to the saying let nature take it's coarse?