Friday, May 2, 2008

Basics and Perfection.

The ultimate goal of almost any human being is to gain perfection. Whether it is beauty, money, weight, physical, mental, or just plain out wrong, we all have some sort of perception of perfection.(Whoa, sounds cool!)

As we strive forth to gain the impossible, we come across the basics over and over again. Though we may think we've passed this stage, we almost NEVER have.

Take for example my horridly dropping math grade, as my tutor and i worked on constantly harder and harder problems, i have almost little to no difficulty, but then i proposed we follow the basics. After a week, my next quiz result: 103.5%.

Then again, there's sports. Maybe not all of us are trying to gain academical perfection. To play soccer you need to know how to run, pass, shoot, head butt, and a few other basic skills that will help you accomplish the best.

As i train for the upcoming soccer season next year, i know making the team wont be as easy as it was this year. Everyone will run, and practice, and put their hearts and souls into it. Doing what? No, not playing for the Chicago Fire in pre-mature professional games, but playing with their garage, almost breaking it into 3 pieces like i did, or just passing it around with their friends.

From sports to business to academics and beyond. The basics, repetition, is what makes the ultimate perfection.

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