Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Past Obsession

Yes, the past. A wonderful world of regret, happiness, mistakes, sadness, hope, insecurity and shame.

Though not everything it has is good, we all ponder upon the thought of going back: to the past.

There are times in our lives where we know not what to do. And often do the wrong thing, from accepting drugs, to creating violence, to doing something that changes your and someone elses life for all of eternity, we all have things we regret doing.

We go to bed at night, hoping and wishing that when you wake up your problem will be gone, you dream, pray, cry, toss, turn and wish. "Ohh if only, i could go back."

Going to the past is impossible as of the current moment, and your going well DUH!?

But then why do people continue to live their lives as if they COULD go to the past? People keep doing stupid things thinking that it's okay, but don't even think about it twice. Teen pregnancy, murder, threats, not studying, etc. etc.

People need to learn why you must act and work and do whatever as if its your last time.

Because the truth is, you have one shot, and that's it. @#&k that up and its over.

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Nic said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for a while and I like what you write...keep thinking! ;)

I've nominated you for a meme at my blog. Hope you'll take some time to complete it.


Nilz said...

Hi! That's how life processes should go on, I suppose. When you are supposed to deliver, deliver the best , the maximum - being unhesitant, and watch out for the rewards that await you.

I have had so many obstacles to overcome, which I share in my blog - but nothing has so far been able to stop me from moving on. I know, and I believe - the only way to move - is to move ahead.

Arjun said...

Perfect saying nilz:D

hyzelle said...

I like your entry... Can definitely relate.