Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Litte Things

From life, to death, to love and growing up. The little things come along, happen, and can completely change our lives. Maybe we should pay more attention?

Living life isn't exactly easy, its pretty hard if i may say so. Earning a living, surviving, and making sure your family comes home safe and sound each and every day. We go on living and noticing the big things that happen. Such as the Burma cyclone or the tsunami that hit a few years ago in 2004.

But its not only the big things we have to look for, its MOSTLY the little things. The tiny things all around us can not only save our lives, but help us live prosperous and enjoyable lives.

Take into account the may signs of warning given before the cyclone, as obvious as it was, people chose to ignore the threat ans stay in their homes. Not only was this a bad idea, but for most, it cost them their lives. Imagine what would have happened if the tiny bit of warning had been followed and the tiny ignorance had gone away. How many lives could have been saved?

Then there's the heart, a wonderful piece of machinery that without none of us could live with. But then there's the cholesterol molecule, small enough to fit through our veins and when we're least expecting it, kill us. Heart attack, is one of the largest causes of death in the USA, and its caused by a simple and tiny little molecule trying to act big.

Not only do we have to pay attention to the tiny things in life, but we must learn from them. They're obviously doing something right, living so well, and so strongly, that they can take down a full grown human in about 5 minutes.

No, no, no i don't mean go crazy and invent a shrinking machine and become the size of a molecule, but look at the way they act amongst bigger things.

Sure they are afraid, as everyone is, but they learn to overcome. As we have grown over thousands of years, humans are getting lazier and lazier, and the little things stop mattering.

From a virus that can kill you to the life bringing fertilized egg, its always the little detail of fine life that gets ignored. And most often, gets us killed.

Do you notice the little stuff?

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Doodle said...

Did they really have the means to leave though? I don't know a whole lot about the situation, but when Katrina hit many people had stayed behind because they had no cars or other means to leave. It was probably even worse in Myanmar. That's really not the point of your post though, sorry It is weird how small things can make such a big difference. It's weird how fragile life is. How someone can be gone in a second. It seems like it shouldn't be that easy.

Arjun said...

completly agree with you. and up to my knowlege people did have means of leaving...