Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Work, Fun and Productivity.

Do you ever get those feelings that your boss in completely wrong and what you are thinking is definitely a much better idea?

Do you often think that your boss is just plain dumb and if he actually listened he would go along with your idea?

Well, welcome to the other 99% of America and the World that says YES.

According to a semi-recent (i saw it in class) video made by ABC called "The Big Dig" or something like that, most people just do NOT want to work with their bosses.

As you go around in your daily work day, there are times when you wish you had a better work environment or something to actually do. Well IDEO, a design company(in the show), completely agrees! According to their studies and the companies productivity, work space, leisure, and fun is a very important part of having good results in a business.

That's the sole reason behind the fact that if you walk through their building, not only will you see custom design work spaces, but toys, Nerf darts, and other toys littering the place. And if you look up, you may even see a few bikes hung on the roof!

"Fun" in work leads to better productivity and enjoyment. If someone doesn't come into work happy then the chances that they will do good work or productive work is almost next to nothing. But being surrounded by toys you achieve a sense of happiness, creativity, and imagination you could not find within yourself otherwise.

Not only does IDEO work proficiently and with large profits, but also works together, not as a hierarchy of boss, co-boss, then worker, but as a team of one.

They work together because they admit the boss may NOT always have the best ideas or the best inference, but they work together NOT shooting down each others ideas but letting everyone express their own opinions and voting for the best.

If you think this is crazy and just plain stupid, you may want to look at the re-deigned or self-designed toys, shopping carts, materials etc. etc. on the market designed by IDEO that are turning up HUGE profits.

Do you have fun at work?

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├čry™ said...

This post has certainly gave me a laugh! Quite a reality that bites as they say.

Happy blogging! visit mine too.


napa farmhouse 1885 said...

hi arj,
a company i used to work for hired ideo to guide us through an "idea creation" immersion...it was really cool.
thank you for you comment to my blogger forum post. check out my blog when you get a minute and let me know what you think..and yes, i always thought i should be the boss..so i started my own small company!! yeah!

Arjun said...

good luck with your company napa:D

Anonymous said...

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