Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Unsung Heroes

Throughout my life, many a teacher, student, friend, and advisor has said many a thing to me. I'm sure that all of you have experienced the same thing. With some things they say standing out, and others blowing past your head like a dead tumbleweed.

But in 8th grade, my English teacher told me something, that to this date i have not forgotten. "Who are the true heroes...?" he asked the class as we stared into space on that stormy afternoon.

And that single question, changed my understanding of the world. Who are the true heroes? In today's world, celebs are looked at as the perfect people. Whenever there is something going on with them, the news, newspapers, blogs, and EVERYONE is ALL of it. OMG!? Whos pregnant at 15?, AHH! Soooooooo hot! etc. etc.

But what is your definition of hero? For me, a hero is someone who risks their life to save another. Nope, not Superman, Batman, or Wonder woman, but the true heroes.

The people who stop crime, the ones who run into burning buildings, and the ones who protect our country.

THOSE are the true heroes of the world, they deserve a LOT more recognition. As a fireman runs into a building trying to save lives, his number one goal is to be a hero in some child's eyes. As a police officer goes on a high speed chase to stop a drug merchant who could destroy the people we love, his goal is to make the world a better place.

But for all those "poser" heroes out there, they do everything with the hope they will get attention. Yeah, that's right, every celeb, tv star, and more. Everything they do is only for self gain and self attention. Thankfully not everyone in the world is like them...

So, what is a hero in your eyes?

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Fuzzy said...

The current love affair with all things celebrity is one of the most damaging social problems of our time. Children, teenagers, young adults, everybody contributes to it. Seeing the huge sums of money generated by Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and the rest only serve to show the tweeners what little they have in comparison and how little the celebs do to earn it. I have always looked to our middle class, blue collar workers for my heroes. No one out of their sphere knows anything about them, but they should be worshipped at the altar of awe at what they contribute compared to the so-called elite. Just my two cents.

Arjun said...

I definitely agree fuzzy.

Susie said...

Very nice post, I found your site through link referral. I agree with it, our country is idolizing the wrong individuals. The everyday workers, the average good kind folks, get overlooked way to often.

Thanks for bringing the true working man to light!