Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sadness, we've all experienced it somewhere or another. Sometime, some place, somehow we all have. But people say that they have never been sad, why? Who knows. But for sure its not true. To be sad is basically to be a human. Sure you can have the best life ever. But still, you HAVE to be sad. With sadness we can make new friends by consuling in the help of others. With sadness and grief we can learn to move on and to live.

Sadness as horrible as it may seem, in the end will ALWAYS make us happy. It will make us stronger as people and let us connect with others who we always thought hated us. The realization of life is through the realization of sadness.

To those who havent ever been sad. 2 things.
1) Yeah right
2) Sucks to be you.

Its one more thing, that makes each and everyone of us a human.

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