Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Pen Stroke

The pen, a modern marvel of ingenuity and communication. Most of us use it every day without even taking into consideration the presiousness of such and object. Only when our favorite one is gone do we realize how much we actually need our pen.

A simple pen stroke can declare war on a city, on a nation, the stroke can decide weather to pull the plug or not. Between life or death and between laws passing or not. This simple thing can determine wheather or not we graduate. Or if we get the job. The ultimate authority is giving to us through the pen stroke. Individual to each and every person, their own stroke, their own will. Always comming out through the tip, in lovely ink needlessly flowing from our soul onto paper.

We must take into importance the meaning of tiny little things. For they can change our entire world. To truly enjoy and to live life, is to take nothing for granted.

Have you ever taken anything for granted?

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