Sunday, March 30, 2008


The ultimate drem of any aspiring young man or woman. The final achievement of our human race, the corner stone of the new generation. The final ahievement before retirement. Work.

We spend all our lives working to work even more. Why though I simply ask. Why cant we sit back and enjoy being out of school finally and not have to worry about rent, taxes, or paying for our kids and people we love. We work for money, for glamour, for fame. We all have one driving inspiration to make as much money as possible so we can have a comfortable retirement.

People say life doesnt truly start till after college, once you finally start to work you realize the value of money. But i say, life doesnt start till retirement. Where you can finally sit back, relax, and truly enjoy the show.

In this simple reasoning you can definitely see the massive flaws in our society. We work at our prime, when we should be enjoying life. Then when we are old and often too old to do anything but sit. We get to slowly rock back and forth in our rocking chairs waiting for the dust of time to finally take our souls. So truely, most of us, never get to FULLY enjoy our lives. Sad eh?

What do you do for a living?

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